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seed probiotics review

Taking care of gut health is very crucial for one’s immune system and gastrointestinal health. It is the wellness center of our body and contains good bacteria, which aid in better digestion. The Gut needs to have a balance of bacteria, where good bacteria do not allow bad bacteria to multiply. This balance comes from consuming probiotic and prebiotic foods that increase the good bacteria count in your Gut.

While there are quite a few vegan friendly food sources of probiotics, including sauerkraut, kimchi, vegan yogurt, kefir among others; these are not as readily available. Alternatively, many vegan-friendly probiotic supplements in the market contribute to conveniently multiplying these beneficial human microflorae.

I have been consuming Seed probiotic capsules for 3 months to improve my gut health. In this Seed probiotics review, I will share my experience, including benefits, use, side effects, and genuine Seed probiotic results.

Importance Of Gut Health?

Firstly, to understand the importance of gut health, we will have to understand what the Gut is?. So, basically, “The Gut” consists of multiple digestive organs, including the mouth, throat, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon, anal canal, and rectum.

The gut microbiome plays an essential role in many aspects of health from breaking the food, metabolism, nutrient absorption, immunity detoxification, and waste removal. The Gut is home to friendly bacteria like Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, and Bacteroides that help in digestion. The friendly(good) bacteria which are found in the Gut build up the flora of the Gut but there also exist harmful bacteria.

Simply, we can state that a healthy gut means more good bacteria than bad or harmful bacteria in the gut microbiome. This equilibrium in the system leads to many positive effects on health, like strong heart function, low risk of obesity, fewer stomach issues, and improved intestinal process. It also enhances brain function and mental well-being.

About Seed Probiotic

About Seed Probiotic

Seed probiotic is developed and manufactured by Seed, An American life science company. It specializes in making effective probiotics for human microbiomes. It was established in 2015 by Raja Dhir and Ara Katz. Since then, these probiotics have ruled the market.

Seed probiotic has become synonymous with an immune gut and a healthy digestive system. It has a unique digestive, cardiovascular, dermatological, and micronutrient synthesis probiotic blend of ingredients that support all-rounder physical and mental health.

These capsules contain an extraordinary 2-in-1 nested design that safeguards probiotic viability against stomach acid.
It’s completely vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free to suit most people’s food lifestyles.

Seed Probiotic Review

Seed Probiotic Review

Seed Probiotic has outperformed most other probiotic companies in the health race. To start with, it’s a synbiotic capsule which means it packs the benefits of both probiotics. (good bacteria) and prebiotics(energy source of good bacteria).

Therefore, no additional supplement is required for feeding good bacteria. Seed probiotic is reputed for retaining 100 viability to survive digestion. Apparently, most probiotics are lost if taken at peak of digestion due to the presence of stomach acid and bile salts.

But Seed probiotic withstands all hurdles and successfully enters your colon for its final action. It has an outer coating that dissolves in the stomach and an inner capsule that contains the real matter- probiotics that safely travel to the colon.

In short, you get full 24 strains of probiotics delivered to your Gut. This is not possible with any natural probiotic food sources or other probiotic capsules. Therefore, seed probiotics provide maximum gut health benefits. However, regardless of the composition and mechanism of action, probioti supplements usually take 1 to 4 weeks to show significant results.

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I Tried Seed Probiotic For 3 Months; Here Is What I Noticed

I bought seed probiotics at the suggestion of my dietician. I consumed it strictly for 3 months with the proper dosage, and this is my personal experience. Only one word, “WOW.” This stuff in the tiny capsule really works for my gut health.

I had been suffering from irritated bowel syndrome, irregular appetite, and stomach issues caused because of vegan diet. After these capsules, my whole digestive issues started decreasing. I feel less bloated and more relieved from gas pains. The frequency of heartburns and upset abdomen has also gone down. My bowel movements have become more regular and comfortable than before. These results started showing within 1 week of daily consumption.

Furthermore, Seed Probiotic has helped me control my unnecessary eating. I feel fewer hunger pangs and midnight cravings. Hence, my weight is on a check. Also, it has enabled me to enjoy dairy without the anxiety of forming gas aches later. Lastly, I feel active and light from within. My mood is positive, and my mental concentration and processing have taken a leap.

Benefits Of Seed Probiotics

Seed Probiotics is undoubtedly one of the most beneficial good bacteria supplement. Its popularity and value are not an exaggeration, given its evident upsides.

  • Withstands digestion and reaches your colon without losing any probiotic strains.
  • Improves cardiovascular health and blood circulation and safeguards developing heart diseases
  • Relieves gastrointestinal issues like bloating, excess gas, heartburn, and belching.
  • Promotes regular and satisfactory bowel movements and eases symptoms of constipation
  • Increase energy level through increased metabolism
  • Maintains a balance in your gut microbiome and inhibits bad bacteria.
  • Good for skin health. Brings a natural glow to the face and makes hair stronger.

Dosage Of Seed Probiotics For Adults

One pack of seed probiotics has 60 capsules. A healthy adult must consume 2 capsules of seed probiotics per day to effectively support their gut health. Seed probiotic capsules contain 53.6 billion AFUs (Active Fluorescent units), which means the number of active probiotics.

This is sufficient to ensure the probiotics create a difference in your good bacteria count. A one-time purchase of seed probiotics gives you 1 month’s supply if you take it consistently. However, the dosage might differ based on health conditions, diet, and lifestyle. Any person with an existing gastrointestinal disorder may have different dosages prescribed by the dietician.

Potential Side Effects

Seed probiotic does not have any hazardous side effects. Generally, On day 1 or day 2 of consumption, you might encounter an increase in toilet tours. This is a natural response of the body. The good bacteria are clearing out the excess waste from your colon in the form of stool. It can be accompanied by more burps or flatulence.

You can also hear your stomach rumbling. It’s normal. Expect it to resolve in a day or two. Sensitive people might face skin rashes and abdominal pain. Once your body adjusts to these new probiotics, these symptoms will gradually decrease and fade away. If side effects persist even after a week, stop consuming and consult your doctor.

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Final Thoughts

Seed daily synbiotic is a product to stick by if you aim to get rid of all those never-ending gut issues. Seed probiotic is the world’s first 100 percent viable symbiotic with all essential microbiome blends that support multi-organ systems of the human body.

It’s said that the origin of all illnesses is the stomach, so gut health is very vital for building a strong immune system. The Gut and immune system always walk hand in hand. The Seed probiotic results are legit, and I am sure you will experience the same benefits as I did in this journey. So do not wait, just listen to your gut feeling and give your Gut a healthy blessing.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, seed probiotic is not FDA approved. But it’s currently under Trial 2 testing. FDA does not provide any claims on probiotics because their benefits are subjective to diets.

Most people prefer taking seed probiotics in the morning before any meal. This ensures maximum benefit. But you can take it any time since the seed probiotic has 100 % viability. According to us, morning is better for seed probiotics.

Though seed probiotic isn’t directly a weight loss supplement, they can support healthy weight by improving metabolism, decreasing food cravings, and keeping the body active.

Seed probiotics may cause bloating in the first week of consumption. That is when your body releases all previous toxins from the intestinal system. It will settle soon, and in fact, seed probiotics prevent bloating.

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