Splendid Spoon Vs Daily Harvest | Epic Showdown

Splendid Spoon Vs Daily Harvest

There are several kinds of people. And every aspect of this vast universe and its billion concepts are perceived by people in a zillion different ways. Sounds like the stuff poets say.

However, one concept unites everyone unilaterally, that being FOOD!

And this has just two kinds of people, the hungry and the non-hungry. 

And the latter category of people most likely have a subscription plan for Splendid Spoon or Daily Harvest. 

These are food delivery services that serve their customers plant-based choice of menu items based on their subscription plans. Furthermore, these delivery services are heaven-sent for working professionals, the calorie conscious and people with limited food options like vegetarians and vegans.

More specifically, if you’re a vegan and follow a strict bodybuilding meal plan, these subscription based meal delivery services are what can take almost all your diet-related stress away!

For those with busy schedules, those with clumsy hands, crowded thoughts, or teeming deadlines, these meal delivery services help keep millions fed on time. 

Meal delivery services essentially supply customers with pre-prepared meals on a chosen schedule. These systems provide customers with selected dishes served regularly as per their instructions.

Given the fact that strict vegans might be at an increases risk of developing some nutritional deficiencies, it is best to enroll with a food or meal kit delivery service that know how to balance things out.

These tasty items will be delivered right onto your doorstep every week, based on the customer’s selection. Did I mention, they’re super healthy as well? 

Splendid Spoon – Brand Overview

Splendid Spoon Vs Daily Harvest | Epic Showdown

Splendid Spoon is appropriately named for its splendidness. A highly efficient meal delivery system, the Splendid Spoon is noted for its convenience. Sufficient to say, the pace of the world is moving much too fast for everyone to catch up. The

Splendid Spoon system markets their products based on this angle by making all of their food super-easy to consume. With ready-to-go soups and smoothies, they help save the time people need to spend every day on sustenance. Most of their food just needs a few minutes, enough to grab the spoon and the plate and your good-to-go. 

With more than enough portions offered to their customers, Splendid Spoon has a wide variety of product lines that just keeps growing longer. The customers are also given the option of designing their menu, curating the dishes supplied to them. They offer meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This can be selected from their websites in an easy manner.

Daily Harvest – Brand Overview

Splendid Spoon Vs Daily Harvest | Epic Showdown

If Daily Harvest wanted to let its subscribers know that their ingredients are fresh, they’ve picked an appropriate name. With assured fresh meals that are organic, they offer reliable vegan meals to the customers. 

Being a complete plant-based company, daily harvest might very well become an instant favorite of ethical vegans. Of all the food and meal kit delivery services I’ve reviewed earlier, only Vegin’ Out and thistle stood out as a completely vegan brand.

They have a wide range of items, starting from ice creams to full-course meals. With a mouth-watering selection of smoothies, they make you wish you could just consume smoothies as your dinner. All you need to do is add a bit of water to it and they’re done. 

Daily Harvest leaves no cards unturned with their repeated assurance of providing healthy, organic, and delicious meals that are made using natural harvests, have little-to-no sugar content.

With an efficient website layout, Daily Harvest is popular for its simple, tasty, and nutritious meals.

Splendid Spoon Vs Daily Harvest | Which Should You Select?

Now, for the newbies who want to pick one, or the ones who’ve already picked a meal delivery service but feel like the grass is greener on the other side, let me help you break down which one is better.

While Splendid Spoon tempts you with its on-the-spot meals, Daily Harvest supplies its customers with vegetables so fresh, you might as well have harvested them yourself.

I. Range of Meal Options

Splendid Spoon

Splendid Spoon Vs Daily Harvest | Epic Showdown

Splendid Spoon offers over forty different menu items to its customers. These dishes are widely classified under smoothies, soup bowls, noodles, grain bowls, wellness shots, and resets. Quite a wide range of food selections as compared to mere meal kits from the likes of Green Chef and Purple Carrot.

Reminds me I’ve compared Green Chef, SUn basket and Purple Carrot against each other in my earlier post! You might find that one helpful too.

Moving on, splendid Spoon has several different menu items that are made in a healthy and tasty way. They have food items delivered with the help of Urban Remedy. There is nothing present that can beat the selection of soups offered in this meal delivery service.

Despite their fewer meal variety, Splendid Spoon is praised to be flavorful, making tiny little explosions erupt inside your mouth. 

Their menu items are already blended, this makes smoothies and soups easy to be consumed. Sip your smoothie and heat your soup. They are highly coveted for their ready-to-consume smoothies. 

Daily Harvest 

Splendid Spoon Vs Daily Harvest | Epic Showdown

Daily Harvest takes the cake, with an astounding eight-plus dish count range offered to their customers.

Keeping to their promise of fresh ingredients, they chop up the fruits and serve it to you, right down to the quantity, add milk or water, and stick it in the blender, and you’ve got yourself an amazing cup of smoothie.

They also offer a great selection of organic and vegan food items, making them highly popular. Their menu items also feature bites, lattes, fresh breads, almond milks, vegan ice cream, energy bites, oatmeal and chia bowls.

Without a doubt, the number of menu items in Daily Harvest are at an exponentially larger number. Their flavor profile is well-sought due to the inclusion of fresh items.

II. Cost and Pricing

Splendid Spoon Cost 

At a glance, the prices proposed in Splendid Spoon are high. However, Splendid Spoon offers plentiful portions to its customers, making the few extra dollars reasonable.

The smoothie content is double as that of Daily Harvests, with portion sizes offered generously, Splendid Spoon has a fairly proper price range.

With a minimum order quantity of $65, Splendid Spoon pricing can be anywhere between $9-$13.

With a registered chef and dietician working to prepare the meals of the customers, it neither compromises on price or taste.

They add fruits, vegetables, herbs, seasonings, and sauces to their food items with a weekly rotating menu that frequently features new menu items being added to the list.

Splendid Spoon offers three plans.

Breakfast plan costs $65 weekly
Breakfast + Lunch plan costs $95
Breakfast, Lunch + 1-Day Reset option costs $135
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner +1-Day Reset meal plan is $185

The shipping is generally free and the items can be chosen to be delivered weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

Daily Harvest

In a glance, the Daily Harvest meals are a lot more economical. The smoothies, bowls, soups and flatbreads in Daily Harvest range just between $6-$9. Unbelievable!

For their farm-fresh ingredients, the prices quoted by the Daily Harvest are highly commendable. With expensive ingredients such as chia seeds, avocados, and hazelnuts being a part of their everyday menu, it is a wonder that they provide us with a pint of vegan ice cream at just nine dollars.

However, Daily Harvest is critiqued for its high prices. Item prices range from $5.99 for oat and chia bowls to $8.99 for harvest bowls, flatbreads, and pints of plant-based ice cream.

9 cups, $7.87/cup which makes it $70.91 per week 
14 cups, $7.75/cup which makes it $108.86 per week 
24 cups, $7.65/cup which makes it $183.76 per week

III. Sourcing of Ingredients

Splendid Spoon Ingredients

Splendid Spoon meals are predominantly prepared in New York and then delivered over to four fulfillment centers that are located across the United States.

Splendid Spoon promises usage of exclusively non-GMO ingredients, making it a customer favorite. Furthermore, the website discloses the complete ingredients used list for every dish and meal, allowing the customers to check in with the results and choose their meals accordingly.

They have an assured ninety five percent organic content in all of their smoothies.

Their fresh ingredients, fruits, vegetables, and grains are directly sourced to not contain any sort of pesticide or other harmful residues.

All of the meal items are solely plant-based, consist of low levels of sodium, and are assured to be free of gluten, soy, and added sugars.

Daily Harvest Ingredients

One of the key features that make Daily Harvest a highly sought after meal delivery service is due to its high quality ingredients that are completely plant-based.

The company sources these ingredients directly from food suppliers and farmers, who hold contracts with the company. Similar to the case of Ugly produce companies like Misfits Market and Imperfect foods.

Their meals are ninety five percent organic and contain zero preservatives, additives, and fillers. So everything you taste is one hundred percent genuine.

They avoid produce that could contain pesticides. Due to their menu items featuring just fruits and vegetables, they inculcate nuts, seeds, whole grains, spices, herbs, and powders like matcha and cacao, to increase the flavor profile.

The liquid needed in completing the preparation of their meals such as smoothies and soups are left up to the choice of the customer. 

IV. Consumer Reviews

Splendid Spoon Ratings

Splendid Spoon Vs Daily Harvest | Epic Showdown

Splendid Spoon is preferred as a convenient vegetarian meal delivery service. The meals contain good portions of plant-based foods. Customers who prioritize convenience and taste over everything else are seen to opt for Splendid Spoon due to ready-to-eat meals and smoothies.

Splendid Spoon also offers tasty dishes that manage to be healthy. It offers over forty menu items which the customers are allowed to select from. 

This meal delivery system provides nutrient-dense smoothies, grain bowls, and plant-based soups on-the-go simple and delicious.

They have a rating of 7.8/10 in CNET and 3.5 in PCMag.

While their smoothies are assured to be ninety five percent organic, the rest of their items aren’t. However, they are allowed to peruse the ingredients and the content on the website. 

Daily Harvest Ratings 

Splendid Spoon Vs Daily Harvest | Epic Showdown

Daily Harvest wins in terms of costs and organic ingredients. Their meals have a ninety five percent assurity of being organic.

With over eighty menu items and affordable prices, Daily Harvest would be perfect if you need a trusted vegan or vegetarian meal scheme that serves high quality products.

It has a vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and nutrient dense guarantee. This meal delivery system follows the a la carte-style.

Daily Harvest offers its subscribers the liberty to pause or cancel their subscription at any time. Daily Harvest meals are incredibly consistent.

Daily Harvest is more suited for the more health-conscious folks, who don’t mind taking a few minutes to prepare their meals, such as putting together the smoothie. 

Their products can be summed up by this review of some user, “I started getting Daily Harvest delivered a few weeks ago and have been really pleased with their products.

I’ve enjoyed about 80% of the food that I’ve chosen, and they have a great rating system so you can rate the foods you love and those you don’t. Each food has reviews on the site as well which makes it easier to choose. The quality has been top notch. There’s no junk in this food whatsoever, which is important to me.”

They have a rating of 8.8/10 in CNET and 3.5 in PCMag.

Final Verdict | Is Splendid Spoon Better or Daily Harvest?

This completely depends on the type of person you are and what you expect to gain out of the meal delivery service.

If flavor profile and portions matter to you, Splendid Spoon would be the right choice for you. With bountiful portions and no-cooking or preparation needed meals, they are for the extremely busy or for those who wish to maintain their health but refuse to get off the couch to blend in their smoothie.

However, if you are the kind of person who jumps off the bed, ready for their morning run and meditation, you surely have enough time to blend Daily Harvest’s ultra-organic smoothie. An affordable meal service system, Daily Harvest is for the early birds, and those trying to touch their palms to the floors.

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