Square Bar Review – Are Square Bars Healthy?

square bar reviews

A protein bar is the quickest way of providing your body with essential nutrients. It also keeps your stomach full for a long time and acts as a healthy food option whenever you need to grab a quick snack. It can be part of one of your travel snacks while you are on a short vacation.

Most of the time, protein bars contain only raisins and nuts. But nowadays, many brands are concerned about manufacturing protein bars with much-needed nutrients like protein, carbs, and fiber, which boost our energy level. They are also a great source of micronutrients like iron, calcium, potassium, and vitamin B. 

But, if you are a vegan, you will certainly know that only a few vegan protein bars are available in the market. Yes, there is and will always be the option of making your protein bar at home, which will certainly be much healthier. Still, grabbing a protein bar right from the shop is way too simple and suitable for our daily lives. Today, we are bringing you a vegan protein bar, which is very healthy as it contains all the macro and micronutrients a protein bar should have. 

Square Bar is one of the few brands which make tasty vegan protein bars. Square protein bars are totally vegan-friendly as they do not contain any animal-derived ingredient whatsoever. Not only that, but Square Bars are also gluten-free and made of completely organic ingredients. Let’s talk in detail about this product in our Square Bar review and see if they are actually healthy or not. 

What Are Square Bars Good For?

Square Bars are one of the healthiest protein bars you can get. It is made of all organic ingredients, which guarantees the purity of the product. Unlike other cheap protein bars, Square Bars offer more than 10 g of great quality plant-based protein. It is also rich in healthy fats. This high protein quantity will ensure that there is no lack of this major macronutrient in your body. 

Square Bars can be a great go-to snack when you are running late for your work and don’t have much time in your hands. They also don’t include any refined sugar, which could contribute to increased blood sugar levels. This product is vegan, made of all-natural ingredients. Square Protein Bars are very healthy because they are non-GMO and gluten-free protein bars. It also doesn’t contain any added flavor. 


  1. Every bar contains 10 g of plant protein
  2. Completely vegan-friendly and made with organic ingredients
  3. Contains whole grain brown rice protein
  4. Has a corn-free and soy-free formula
  5. A gluten-free and non-GMO product
  6. Has no refined sugar or added flavors
  7. Available in lots of different flavors


  1. The sweet taste can be overpowering in dome flavors
  2. Contains saturated fat

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Square Bar Formula and Ingredients

square bar protein review

The formula of Square Bars is straightforward. Let’s talk in detail about it and see the actual benefits you can get and what could be a turn-off for you. 

Calorie Content – Square Bar calorie content is over 200. This actually is a standard mark according to most of the Protein Bars. 

Saturated Fat – There lies a high amount of saturated fat in the formula of Square Bars. They contain coconut and chocolate, which contribute to increasing the level of saturated fat. It contains 6 g of saturated fat and 13 g of sugar. 

The ratio of protein and sugar – The protein and sugar ratio are not very favorable for health as a protein bar must contain more protein than sugar. But, in this case, it seems that the company is including more sugar than protein. This is really a big drawback of this product. 

Square Bars Vegan Flavors

One of Square Bars’ major plus points is the different flavors they come in, such as cookie dough, coconut, crunch, cherry coconut, nuts and sea salt, peanut butter, and mint. Now, we are going to discuss all the flavors it offers in this Square Bar Review.

1. Cookie Dough 

Square Bar has recently launched its new flavor, cookie dough, which turned out to be a hit in much lesser time. 

Cookie dough is a very delicious flavor among all the flavors of Square Bars. The base of this flavor contains cashew butter, which is further mixed with aromatic vanilla extract. Maple syrup (learn how maple syrup is vegan with us) and cacao nibs are also being incorporated to make the base of these delicious protein bars. Then they are coated with loads of dark chocolate. This flavor contains all the features of a great cookie, making you wonder if it is a protein bar or a real cookie.

2. Coconut

If you are a coconut fan, just go and grab this flavor as fast as you can!

Coconut flavor is their best-selling flavor. This no.1 position confirms that you will not regret buying this flavor. It includes shredded coconut covered in delicious chocolate. The extra virgin coconut oil gives this particular flavor a heavenly buttery texture with authentic coconut flavor. This flavor is actually what we call mouth-watering, something which you cannot expect before trying it. The Square Protein Bars in coconut flavor also contain a great amount of MCTs, which is higher than the other flavors. 

3. Peanut Butter 

This flavor, along with those mentioned above two, is the top-selling flavors of Square Bars. It contains organic peanuts to offer you only the best of the bests. Yes, Peanut butter is vegan (Check how peanut butter is vegan with us)

The combo of peanut butter and chocolate is an evergreen combo, which will never get old. Nothing can replace this age-old delicious flavor. That’s why Square Bars have to include this classic. But wait, it is not everything; these cookies are topped with oatmeal, and of course, our favorite, extra peanut butter. You can just simply enjoy it right from the packaging and relive your childhood memories. You can do the same with the other cookies like Nutter Butter and Oreo as they are also vegan.

4. Nuts and Sea Salt

Sweet and salty flavor is always a great hit. That’s why there are nuts and sea salt flavors. 

Dark Chocolate is proven to be very healthy; that’s why Square Bars only contain dark chocolate (You can check the vegan status of dark chocolate with us). This flavor contains almond butter full of dark chocolate. With lots of cashews, it brings that nutty flavor people crave for. And the best part is the salty twist, which comes from the added sea salt. 

5. Cherry Coconut

If you are looking for the grand taste of cherries with the great coconut flavor, then this is the perfect flavor for you. It also contains coconut oil with dark chocolate. It has a great smooth texture, which will melt in your mouth like a dream. 

6. Crunch

Crunch flavor is coated with dark chocolate. It has a crispy texture that will outstandingly hit you, something that you have probably never tasted. 

7. Mint 

Mint contains the goodness of Peppermint oil, which provides the bars with the minty flavor. With the classic chocolate coating, it will surely create some wild cravings. 

Are Square Bars Healthy?

Square protein bars are mostly healthy. It offers 10 g of plant-based protein. As compared to other protein bars we reviewed (thinkThin Protein Bars and CLIF BUILDERS Protein Bars), the amount of protein offered by square bar is comparatively less.

But there are some drawbacks too. As mentioned in Square Bars’ formula, it is clear that the ratio of protein and sugar in this bar is not very healthy. Because the sugar level is greater than the protein level in Square Bars. Also, because of the immense use of chocolate and coconut, the amount of saturated fat has increased. So, health-wise, we can say that it is kind of in the middle of being healthy and being actually a candy, full of unnecessary sugar. 

Square Bar Packaging

square protein bar

Unlike its formula, Square Bar’s packaging is not going to be a turn-off. The packaging of Square Bars is very effective. The different colors on the packaging can easily identify all of the flavors. 

Along with the company name and logo, which are visible on the front, Square Bars’ certification is a non-GMO and gluten-free product. In the bottom part, you can see the organic badges mentioned. 

The simple text and graphics make the packaging eye-catching and yet so elegant, where you can read everything clearly. 

Square vs. Quest Bar

Many people get confused between Square Bar and Quest Bar because both of them offer goodness within a similar price point. But, if the debate is about taste, then the award should be given to the Quest Bar. Square Bar includes whole grain brown rice protein, which gives it that earthy or sandy flavor. Square Bar also has a great number of essential nutrients. Still, Quest Bar incorporates more macronutrients than Square Bars. 

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Having a protein bar is very much convenient. You can get one of them from the nearby store and eat it while heading towards work or something important. It is one of the tasty accidental vegan foods that you will definitely enjoy (Note: Not all protein bars are vegan). Still, when it comes to vegan protein bars, there are not many options available.

And getting a vegan protein bar is not everything; you need to confirm that your protein bar has all the right nutrients, including micronutrients and macronutrients, both. So, you can, of course, try Square Bars because they are mostly healthy, have only organic and pure ingredients, and vital nutrients, and they are vegan.

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