Best Vegan Cheese Brands Review

Best Vegan Cheese Brands Review

A pizza without cheese is like a cake without the cream or fries without sauce, you can have them alone but it wouldn’t taste the best. Turning vegan is a big decision and staying put to it is quite difficult for the people attached to animal-derived food and animal by-products. … Read more

Vegan Cottage Cheese Recipe

non dairy cottage cheese recipe

It is often said that a vegan diet is a diet for the better future. Being rich in proteins and low in fats, it is the best option for every individual. The most popular dish, that is used by almost every household on daily basis, cottage cheese can be made … Read more

Vegan Cheese Sauce for Nachos

dairy free nacho cheese

Nachos and cheese are the most heavenly combination on earth one can think of. It’s the perfect snack for anytime hunger (or without hunger too for that matter). You don’t really need to be hungry to enjoy nachos and cheese, do you? And if this combination can be turned into … Read more