Vegan Mug Brownie Recipe

Vegan Mug Brownie Recipe

We all get awful cravings sometimes that push us to forget everything about healthy eating. All we want is that particular food and enjoy every bit of the delicious indulgence. It’s absolutely a wonder how food takes us to a divine journey of contentment! Now, coming to the vegan diet, … Read more

Vegan Coffee Cake with Apple Cinnamon Streusel

Vegan Coffee Cake with Apple Cinnamon Streusel

Streuselkuchen, a German coffee cake is liked by all and is extremely popular. It is soft and moist and topped with sweet streusel topping. Being vegan does not mean that you can’t devour cakes because everyone loves cakes and there’s nothing better than having a vegan healthy cake like vegan … Read more

Are Donuts Vegan? Vegan Donut Recipe!

are doughnuts vegan

Donuts are definitely the delightful and traditional snack that binds well with a standard cup of freshly brewed coffee. There might be alternates to fulfil your snack shack with coffee, but nothing comes as good as a standard delicious donut with nothing more than sprinkled sugar on the top. Donuts … Read more

Is Bisquick Vegan? Bisquick Pancakes Recipes

is bisquick vegan

Pancakes – who doesn’t like them? But busy lifestyles have snatched away the simple joy of cooking yummy pancakes for kids and family. This is why most women today rely on pre-made pancake mixes available at grocery stores in large varieties. Of course, they bring convenience to the table. But … Read more

Vegan Milk Chocolate Recipe


OK, so you decided to go vegan (check out my journey here) Congratulations! You’ve taken one step forward towards healthy living. Yet, the realization doesn’t hit that soon unless you see someone relishing a bar of milk chocolate right before your eyes. Or, you tend to crave for one yourself, … Read more