Can you Freeze Almond Milk?

is it ok to freeze almond milk

Almond milk is quite popular because of its lactose-free qualities and is a must have for all the people who are intolerant to lactose. Contrary to popular belief, almond milk does not upset your stomach. But the truth is that not many people can finish the entire carton of almond … Read more

How Long Does Vegan Milk Last Once Opened

Vegan Milk

Vegan is the new word for health around in most health circles today. The reason is simple: it’s not only pure vegetarian; it’s free of everything else apparently unhealthy in the name of animal-derived products. This includes gluten and dairy too. However, followers of veganism don’t stop intake of gluten … Read more

Vegan Milk Chocolate Recipe


OK, so you decided to go vegan (check out my journey here) Congratulations! You’ve taken one step forward towards healthy living. Yet, the realization doesn’t hit that soon unless you see someone relishing a bar of milk chocolate right before your eyes. Or, you tend to crave for one yourself, … Read more