Vegan Mug Brownie Recipe

Vegan Mug Brownie Recipe

We all get awful cravings sometimes that push us to forget everything about healthy eating. All we want is that particular food and enjoy every bit of the delicious indulgence. It’s absolutely a wonder how food takes us to a divine journey of contentment! Now, coming to the vegan diet, … Read more

Are Donuts Vegan? Vegan Donut Recipe!

are doughnuts vegan

Donuts are definitely the delightful and traditional snack that binds well with a standard cup of freshly brewed coffee. There might be alternates to fulfil your snack shack with coffee, but nothing comes as good as a standard delicious donut with nothing more than sprinkled sugar on the top. Donuts … Read more

Vegan Cheese Sauce for Nachos

dairy free nacho cheese

Nachos and cheese are the most heavenly combination on earth one can think of. It’s the perfect snack for anytime hunger (or without hunger too for that matter). You don’t really need to be hungry to enjoy nachos and cheese, do you? And if this combination can be turned into … Read more