Lays Stax vs Pringles

lay's stax vs pringles

Potatoes are one of the most popular vegetables on earth and they make staple food for many of us. When it comes to binge eating, the first item we can think about is potato chips. These crisp and fine slices of fried potatoes are simply irresistible. Now, when you think … Read more

Vegan Coffee Cake with Apple Cinnamon Streusel

Vegan Coffee Cake with Apple Cinnamon Streusel

Streuselkuchen, a German coffee cake is liked by all and is extremely popular. It is soft and moist and topped with sweet streusel topping. Being vegan does not mean that you can’t devour cakes because everyone loves cakes and there’s nothing better than having a vegan healthy cake like vegan … Read more

Are Original Pringles Vegan and Healthy?

are pringles vegan

Pringles – possibly the most popular potato chips in this category that garnered immediate attention owing to its unique chips case. Where other potato chips in the market were being sold in fluffy paper bags, this one came in a tube-like, re-sealable box. It became an instant hit among the … Read more

Are Fruity Pebbles Vegan? – Cereal Scrutiny

Are Fruity Pebbles Vegan

Who doesn’t remember the all-time favorite childhood cereal Fruity Pebbles? And yes, it’s yet another magical version Cocoa Pebbles which was equally yummy-licious! Most of us have grown up munching on this lip-smacking snack – not just for breakfast but other times of the day as well (it was just … Read more

Are Doritos Vegan? – List of Doritos Flavors

Are Doritos Vegan

Chips are an all-time favorite snack for many; the perfect carry-along bag for a quick munch outside home or the best companion when binging on movies or on travel along with the other vegan travel snacks. Doritos – Vegan or Not? About Doritos Chips – Tortilla chips are the latest … Read more

Healthy Vegan Travel Snacks

Vegan Travel Snacks

One thing that perfectly goes well with going on travel is snacks! The very thought of munching and enjoying a quick bite of your favorite snack on a road trip is enough to make you go on one. In fact, travelling can often become an excuse, especially for kids, to … Read more