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Thistle Food Delivery Review

Food delivery must be one of the best advantages of being born in the twenty-first century. Just think about this service with no preconceived notion. You download an application, key in your details, pick the food you like, order it, pay for it, wait for someone to ping your doorbell, and bring steaming food right to your doorstep. Like, what?

As more people are adopting plant-based diets, meal delivery services have become increasingly popular. These services provide a convenient and easy way to enjoy healthy and nutritious meals, without the hassle of grocery shopping and meal planning.

Meal delivery services such as HelloFresh, Daily Harvest, and Splendid Foods have made it simpler for vegans to have a nutritious meal. And in these popular services is one more service provider Thistle.

Thistle is a food delivery service that is increasingly gaining popularity. Their plant-based choice of menu items offers a healthy and tasty reprieve from your day-to-day staples. And not only are they plant-based, they offer vegan full-course dishes.

These tasty items will be delivered right onto your doorstep every week, and you can pre-choose your meals for the following week in an easy-to-manage application that helps you curate your own menu. Be your own boss!

Wanna go healthy but need it to still taste delicious, Thistle is your choice. Read on to find out more about this application.

About Thistle Meal Delivery

Thistle Meal Delivery

Thistle refers to a group of flowering plants which are characterized by leaves with sharp prickles on the margins, mostly in the family Asteraceae.

In this context, however, Thistle refers to the food delivery service that caters to the bunch of people who wish to consume chef-prepared meals that feature highly healthy ingredients.

Right now, Thistle is active in California and some regions on the West Coast, six states to be precise. However, they are planning to expand in the future. And considering their momentum, we bet it’s in the very near future. Providing nutritionally balanced full-course meals that include breakfast, lunch, and dinner, they also provide snacks and fresh juices to their customers.

Going vegan can be trying. On top of giving up food items you’ve known all your life, the availability of vegan dishes is extremely low. Finding out a caterer who provides you with delicious vegan dishes is a dream, right?

Well, the fairy godmother heard us after all, as Thistle does just that!

With an impressive fifty-two thousand and counting number of followers on their Insta page, their menu items inculcate a healthy dose of complex carbs, lean proteins, and the good kinda fats.

This company has marked its presence in Global Newswire, Medical News Today, TechCrunch, etc. as one of the leading food providers along the West Coast.

This company, founded by Ashwin Cheriyan, assures its customers in bringing healthy meals. This has been backed by the fact that they’ve delivered over five million meals to date. That’s a lot!

How does Thistle Work?

As mentioned, Thistle is acclaimed for providing vegan, plant-based meals, snacks, and juices to the overachievers, over-thinkers, the always-busy ones, the couch potatoes, and anyone who designs to try them. They also provide omnivorous dishes for those who are still not at the point of giving up their favorite food items. However, if anything can convince you to leave meat behind, it should be Thistle’s vegan meals.

These nutritionally balanced and mouth-watering menu items (those two words should not even be in the same sentence, but Thistle makes it work) are delivered under the Thistle meal delivery system that has people shipping their products to individuals or if you’re one of the lucky ones whose company’s have Thistle contracts. Whoohoo!

Thistle promises to update and innovate their menu each week that would keep the customers satisfied. No one wants their food to be the same day after day.

Thistle also allows its customers to customize or personalize their meal plans. You can always postpone that super-healthy meal with the peas you don’t like next week. Just make sure to inform Thistle in advance!

Furthermore, a Thistle subscription can be cancelled at any point in time, with no fuss, no huss. They don’t charge you for the shipping and delivery either. You could pause it too.

The Thistle cost and pricing is rated at fair and affordable rates that provide quality food to its customers.

Usually, Thistle delivers during Monday or Thursday mornings, or, Sunday and Wednesday evenings. The customer can select the time windows and the days that they are the most comfortable with. Easy-peasy!

Thistle’s Meals and Menu Options

Thistle Meal Plans Review

Thistle predominantly serves people from San Francisco, Las Vegas, Sacramento, North Bay, Los Angeles, San Diego, or Davis.

Thistle meal delivery includes the introduction of new items into their menu every week and allows personalization of the menu. Did we mention they have vegan meals too? Honestly, it’s an all-rounder.

With a popular, customized, and curated vegan meal scheme, Thistle has several menu permutations and combinations.

The menu schedule roughly follows the pattern mentioned below:

The Vegan Mela

  • Vegan Lunch – 3 days of the week
  • Vegan Dinner – 3 days of the week
  • Vegan Lunch – 5 days of the week
  • Vegan Dinner – 6 days of the week

The Mixed Gala

  • Omnivore Lunch – 5 days of the week
  • Omnivore Dinner – 6 days of the week
  • Vegan Lunch + Dinner – 5 days of the week
  • Omnivore Lunch + Dinner – 5 days of the week
  • Full-Day – 6 days of the week
  • Full-Day Omnivore – 6 days of the week

For the people inhabiting Nevada, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, and Utah, Thistle has their meals shipped over with an understandably little less room for scheduling and customizing. Can have their meals shipped to them, albeit with less scheduling and meal customization.

These customers are given a tracking number and an assurance to have their meals delivered before 8 in the evening on Mondays or Thursdays.

Thistle also serves people who are outside the range of delivery. These people have the option of choosing one of the below-mentioned choices.

  • Essentials Box – Once per week
  • Enhanced Box – Once per week
  • Cold-Pressed Juice Box – Once per week
  • Lite Bites Box – Once per week

Thistle Meal Plans Review

Who doesn’t like food prepared and handed over to them, literally on a silver platter? Well, maybe not the silver platter, a beautifully packed box? Certainly, not me.

Thistle is one of the best applications I’ve used that provides genuinely healthy food that is rich in nutrition. With some of the best functioning meal schemes and delivery options, Thistle works in a hassle-free manner allowing one to choose their meals.

They have a wide amount of varieties that you can choose from. And if you’re feeling a little adventurous or want to stick to old is gold, the choice is left to the customers.

Self-proclaimed as a start-up and a farm-to-table joint, the Thistle menu also posts their weekly meal lineups and intricate information about each of their dishes, including the ingredients, nutritional breakdown, reviews, and other details.

Despite their wow-inspiring menu, after vegin’out, Thistle is the one which has abundance of vegan meals. For every zen person who is on the verge of giving up their vegan dream, Thistle swoops in to save the day.

My favorite dish from Thistle would be the Lemon Miso Rice Bowl and Korean Veggie & Rice Noodles. Even the name sounds musical to my ears. And considering I’m writing this on a Monday, my delivery should be here anytime now!

With fresh vegetables that let you hear the crunch and a wonderful combination of flavors, each of their meals offers delicious bursts of flavor.

Where does Thistle Deliver?

Cue repetition. The Thistle delivery area majorly focuses on California and places along the West Coast.

This includes people from Nevada, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Utah, San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento/Davis, the Greater LA Area, and parts of Las Vegas, Seattle, and Portland.

Customers from this region are considered to be the localities, with their meals being delivered along with ice packs to retain their freshness.

The Thistle meal delivery is done either on Monday or Thursday mornings or Sunday and Wednesday evenings. Customers are allowed to choose the time gaps in which they can collect their delivery.

Thistle also delivers outside the given area, where the customers are offered a tracking number and assured delivery before eight on Mondays or Thursdays.

How Much Does Thistle Cost?

The Thistle pricing is as follows:

The Vegan Meal

Vegan Lunch (3 days per week)$43.50
Vegan Dinner (3 days per week)$43.50
Vegan Lunch (5 days per week)$70.00
Vegan Dinner (6 days per week)$84.00
Vegan Lunch and Dinner (5 days per week)$125
Vegan Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner (6 days per week)$207.00

The Mixed Gala

Omnivore Lunch (5 days per week)$81.25
Omnivore Dinner (6 days per week)$97.50
Omnivore Lunch and Dinner (5 days per week)$147.50
Omnivore Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner (6 days per week)$234.00

The Meal Boxes

Lite Bites Box: 4 salads, 2 snacks, and 4 soups:$76
Enhanced Box: 2 snacks, 2 breakfast meals, 2 dinners, and 2 lunches$96
Cold-Pressed Juice Box: 3 nutritional shots and 6 unique Thistle juices$60
Essentials Box: 2 breakfast meals, 2 dinners, and 2 lunches$84

Meals delivered within San Francisco, Sacramento/Davis, Los Angeles, and parts of Portland, Las Vegas, and Seattle have no cost for shipping and delivery.

Shipping is also available throughout California and in select areas in Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, with the delivery fee for each plan calculated upon checkout. Despite the few problems faced in the delivery timings, most of Thistle’s deliveries and shipments are prompt and rated at a fair price. The Thistle costs are calculated on the basis of the location and the frequency.

Is Thistle Pricing Fair?

Thistle has unanimously been voted as one of the best food delivery services in California.

However, Thistle works remarkably better in the areas meant for shipment than the regular schedules where their services are more centralized than the other ideas where their services are also offered.

Thistle is a meal delivery company that focuses on providing vegan chef-prepared, nutritionally balanced entrées, snacks, and side dishes.

They have a few packaging and shipment issues, but other than that, they offer excellent meals for their prices.

The sheer number of dishes provided in the vegan menu alone convinces several hundred to make Thistle part of their daily schedule.

An affordable meal delivery system for the health-inclined people, Thistle pricing, is indeed fair for the great food they offer.

Thistle Free Trial | Can You Try Thistle for Free?

We love free trials, don’t we? Everyone does. Who doesn’t want to try something beforehand before purchasing? Although Charlie and the Chocolate Factory provided us with a very interesting concept where you reach into the television and grab food out of the screen, that tech is still a little far off.

As of now, Thistle does not offer a free trial period to its customers. However, the subscribers can freeze, unfreeze, and postpone their existing plans. We could hold out hope for a free trial, but either way, Thistle would hook you in.

Thistle Reviews | What Other Customers Say?

Well, need I say that Thistle is well-loved? They do. Thistle delivers thousands of customers hundreds of meals Thistle is thriving. One of the emerging companies that are quickly gaining the interest of several people, Thistle has thousands of loyal customers.

And the Thistle food delivery reviews always lean on a 4-star scale range and above.

They’ve got a food delivery review of ⅘ star average from Trustpilot. And a Yelp review that averages out to four points five.  Reddit threads frequently comment and discuss the brand’s healthy meal plans.

A budding new enterprise, Thistle offers great plans and schemes to its customers. With a new dish being introduced each week, it’s got the customer’s vote in favor of food and flavor. They’ve flung themselves full-fledged into providing vegan meals. And, stand true to their word, giving us lip-smacking dishes that you won’t believe are completely vegan for even a second.  Kudos for that!

However, a certain amount of criticism is allotted to their packaging using single-use plastic and incorrect delivery system timings.

It has some excellent options for vegans and vegetarians. One subscriber wrote:

“I am amazed at how happy I am with Thistle. Having tried other meal delivery services, this is an elevated and satisfying experience in every way, while other services were just awful. I look forward every couple of days to the next delivery. Thistle has changed our lifestyle for the better.”

This review comments on the delivery system of the company.

“Overall my experience with Thistle has been good. I like the variety of vegan salads and breakfast options. I had a few minor mishaps, late delivery, leaking ice, hole in the bag. I wish they didn’t put onions, especially red onions, in so many salads, or I would order more.  The food has been fresh, and I like the convenience.”

Verdict | Is it Worth it Subscribing to Thistle Food Delivery?

With items that contain a variety of complex carbs, healthy fats, and lean proteins, Thistle’s meals are delivered fully prepared. They offer a wide range of subscription plans that lets the customers choose what they deem is their best fit.

With over 5 million deliveries, meaning they’ve curbed someone’s hunger more than multiple million times, Thistle is one hundred percent worth subscribing to.

Especially for bodybuilders who create their own meal plan and are packed with busy schedules. With plans that are going to make Thistle expand and collaborate with various interested parties, Thistle promises several new, healthy, and tasty treats to its customers.

Though it might seem a tad bit overpriced and has few issues with packing and delivery, it can safely be said that the people at Thistle are working their hardest to get that resolved. But if you are someone looking for affordable meal delivery service then I would suggest to go for Nutrisystem, misfits market or imperfect foods. As I have reviewed both the meal delivery service and I can assure that they provide a wide range of food options at affordable rates.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. One of the driving factors to this service’s success is its extensive vegan-based menu. They have healthy, tasty, and plentiful vegan dishes that are highly popular. The struggle to find delicious, affordable, and vegan food has come to an end with Thistle’s launch.

They serve fresh, outta the market meals that are prepared by chefs. They provide detailed information about the ingredients and nutritional data of all their meals, helping the customers in losing weight. Most of Thistle’s meals contain just about 400–600 calories per serving. Therefore, to an extent Thistle meal delivery weight loss is true. However, ideally, the most healthy way to lose weight would be to consult a nutritionist in helping you select the meals.

They’ve got partnerships with local farmers. They claim to be a farm-to-table enterprise. They supply their customers with a healthy amount of organic content. But it is to be noted that not all of their ingredients are strictly organic. So fear not, Thistle promises that each of the items included in preparing a meal is as fresh as it could be.

Yupp. No questions asked. You can cancel, postpone, or pause your Thistle subscription anytime you wish to. Going on a vacation or need a cheat week, just hit the pause button, and Thistle will wait patiently for you to unpause them again. If you wish to cancel the subscription, they’ll be sad to see you go, but that’s it. These are the steps to be followed:

  • Go to your account on the official Thistle website
  • Click the “Cancel” button, then confirm the cancellation
  • This has to be done by Thursday at 11:50 PM, for it to apply to the following week.
  • ‍Soups – You can freeze this up to 2-3 weeks.
  • Dinners – Our dinners can also be frozen for up to 3-4 weeks.

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