Top Secret Nutrition Cardio Igniter Review

Top Secret Nutrition Cardio Igniter Review

In our busy, scheduled life, we barely get any time to look after ourselves. Maintaining a daily exercise routine has now become a time-consuming task for most of us. We are now quite used to live our lives according to the tick-tock of clocks. Still, at the end of the day, we see a lot of things left undone. Stress, unhealthy diet, no exercise, sleep issues all these factors lead us to have multiple health issues and gain weight.

But it’s a known fact that losing weight is way harder than gaining it (refer our complete blueprint to gaining weight as a vegan). Because the weight loss journey requires tough workouts, regularity, and strength. Now, most of the cardio workouts are associated with weight loss. It requires a lot of energy to perform them.

That’s why people need to use pre-workout supplements, which will give them incredible strength and energy to do intense workouts for a long span of time. Hence, we have scrutinized pre-workout supplements like StrongGirl Supplement, Eat the Bear Supplement , Genius Pre-Workout Supplement and many more.

Today, we will talk about Top Secret Cardio Igniter, a very well-known pre-workout supplement standing tall and beating many other famous brands. It’s a vegan product as none of the ingredients it contains are animal-derived. So, let’s dive deeper into this Cardio Igniter review to know everything about this product, from its performance, ingredient, price to its flavors, and packaging. Let’s begin. 

What Does Cardio Igniter Do? 

Top Secret Cardio Igniter is a very famous pre-workout supplement designed to increase your performance at various cardio workouts. It boosts your aerobic capacity for strenuous exercises. Cardio Igniter pre-workout is filled with red beet juice, an excellent nitrate source (NO3). Nitrates work by providing your muscles with more oxygen. That’s how even the most challenging parts of your workouts get more effortless. 

Cardio Igniter by Top Secret works as a very effective supplement for weight loss. This product is designed to cut off excess fat when you exercise to get lean muscle mass within just some days. It increases your energy level and reduces fatigue. It also allows you to stay more focused during workouts. As many essential ingredients are added with an apt concentration in Cardio Igniter, your overall performance gets increased noticeably like the Gnar Pump supplement.


  1. Provides a significant amount of energy
  2. Boosts your performance and endurance
  3. Works as an excellent fat burning supplement
  4. Makes the muscle recovery process faster
  5. Helps you get lean muscle mass quicker
  6. Increases your mental focus
  7. Contains useful and vegan-friendly ingredients
  8. Available in various delicious flavors


  1. Includes stimulants which might be a problem for some users
  2. Should be consumed long before your sleep time to get an undisturbed sleep

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Cardio Igniter Ingredients 

cardio igniter pre workout

Ingredients are the most vital factor of a supplement. A Pre-Workout Supplement should contain many impactful ingredients in the right amounts to provide you energy and endurance and increase your body’s fat burning process like the Motiv8 Burn supplement. Top Secret Cardio Igniter contains various effective ingredients that work together to maximize your performance during laborsome cardio exercises. Now, let’s discover Cardio Igniter ingredients and see how they work.

1. Beta- Alanine

Though Beta- Alanine is a mind-blowing ingredient with multiple benefits, it is not very commonly used in pre-workout supplements it is majorly found in several vegan mass gainers.. So, if your jar of powdered supplement contains Beta- Alanine, the chances are you are having a perfect pre-workout supplement. 

Beta-Alanine is an amino acid (which is present in collagen supplements) that offers outstanding sports benefits. It elevates muscle carnosine concentration. This carnosine is responsible for decreasing the acid levels, which grow when your muscles go through hardcore workouts for an extended period.

The high acid level is related to low pH levels, which hinders muscle functions. Your muscles become weak quickly, and your whole performance gets affected. Cardio Igniter contains Beta-Alanine, so the acid levels in your muscles do not rise. Thus, your muscle function doesn’t get disrupted, and your endurance becomes high. 

2. Caffeine

Caffeine is the staple ingredient in any protein, fat burning, and pre-workout supplement because of its great benefits. Two of the primary jobs of caffeine are – improving metabolism and boosting your energy level. 

Caffeine increases your metabolism by jumpstarting lipolysis, a process in which your body lets out fatty acids into the bloodstream. This process occurs when your body converts fat into energy by breaking down your body’s fat stores. This is how caffeine improves your metabolism and contributes to faster fat burning. 

Another vital role caffeine plays; it provides you with a significant amount of energy and keeps fatigued at bay. Caffeine acts as a stimulant, which raises your concentration and alertness. So, you stay more focused on whatever task you do for an extended period of time. (Source)

3. Ribose

Cardio, or any muscle-building workout, requires an immense amount of energy. And this very ingredient, ribose, works from within. Mitochondria produce ATP, Adenosine triphosphate, which is known as the energy currency. This ATP provides fuel to our cells to perform any kind of activity. So, when this ATP production of your body becomes low, your performance suddenly grows dim. This is where ribose comes to play. 

Ribose is a type of sugar that restores the production of ATP to enhance your energy levels. It eliminates fatigue and powers your cells. Another contribution of this ingredient is, it helps with your muscle recovery process. During workouts, your muscles get oxidative stress.

Now, ribose removes the harmful effect of free radicals, which is linked with oxidative stress. Thus, it helps reduce muscle damage. And because ribose restores cellular energy, ATP production becomes faster, which is related to accelerating the muscle recovery time. 

4. Amin Shield with Ursolic Acid

This ingredient helps in promoting lean muscle mass. Ursolic Acid is known for increasing brown fat in our bodies. Now, you must be thinking, any type of fat, be it brown or white, is harmful to your body. But it’s not true. 

Brown fat, known as brown adipose tissue, differs from white fat. These tissues activate when your body is exposed to cold. So, brown fat actually takes part in producing heat to maintain our body temperature. Amin Shield with Ursolic Acid also reduces muscle loss, which affects your body because of intense workouts. 

5. Evodiamine

Evodiamine is the name of an alkaloid plant extract. A plant called Evodiae Fructus produces this, and it is considered to promote weight loss. 

Studies have shown that evodiamine improves metabolism and minimizes the fat storage of your body. This particular ingredient increases your body temperature and burns excessive fat. Because of this, you may get a shivery feeling. But this varies from person to person. Not everyone gets this feeling. And because evodiamine is mixed with many other ingredients in this Cardio Igniter, there are very few chances. 

According to some studies, evodiamine also acts as an appetite suppressant. It enhances the level of cholecystokinin, which is a hormone commonly known as CCK. This CCK gets increased because of evodiamine and sends signals to your brain, which forces you to stop eating when you are eating more than you need. 

6. Electrolytes

When our bodies go through intense workouts, we sweat a lot. With this sweat, not only water gets flushed out from our bodies, electrolytes too come out. Our cells need electrolytes to do every bodily function. They are responsible for brain performance and muscle health also. 

The loss of electrolytes hinders your fitness results. Your performance and endurance become low because of this. If the level of electrolytes goes way lower than the appropriate level, many high-risk factors can occur. Such as hyponatremia. Electrolytes are responsible for maintaining a right sodium level.

When it falls, you get headaches, severe muscle cramps, and even seizures. That’s why a proper amount of electrolytes has been included in this Top Secret Cardio Igniter to help you provide with maximum endurance and energy as stated by the Health US News.

7. Cardio Igniter Flavors

We see that Top Secret didn’t do much in terms of launching exciting flavors. Cardio Igniter is available in three flavors, Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, and Fruit Punch. The latter two are so common that you can even get the taste just by reading the names. In terms of taste, you should not expect it to be delicious. The taste department of this product has no variety, and the flavors are just average. Yes, you can drink those, they are not horrible, but you cannot enjoy drinking them very much.

Blue Raspberry flavor is quite dull and ordinary. The Fruit Punch one is overly sweet for some users. Now, the only exciting flavor is the Watermelon one. Still, it tastes like you are having an inauthentic watermelon, which is weird, but there is no other way to describe this flavor.

That’s why all the Cardio Igniter review focuses on telling you about the ingredient-list and performance and not about its flavors. But they are easily drinkable, you will not get any nasty aftertaste, and they are not bad flavors. They are just average. But yes, the overpowering sweet taste can be too much to bear. 

Does Cardio Igniter Work? 

cardio igniter reviews

Top Secret Cardio Igniter has been made popular by many professional bodybuilders and athletes and even people who want to lose some weight. Within a short period of time, this pre-Workout supplement has occupied a great rank in the whole supplement industry. 

Cardio Igniter formula contains a great blend of essential ingredients that are proven to be very impactful. While it includes some majorly known ingredients, it also contains some less popular ones that provide many benefits in your fat burning and muscle building journey. This product is made to increase your stamina for enhancing your performance and endurance.

Many users have claimed that they got excellent benefits from this product, such as fast muscle mass gain and weight loss. If you have a proper supplement and a well structured vegan bodybuilding meal plan, then you wouldn’t need anything else to best pursue your goals.

Cardio Igniter also drains out fatigue from your body and improves your focus so that you can be more active during high-intensity workouts. It is also responsible for stimulating the muscle recovery process of your body. 

Cardio Igniter Packaging 

Cardio Igniter offers an average and regular packaging, nothing outstanding. It has a uniquely designed color scheme, which is quite unusual. Black, red, white, yellow – all of these colors are being used. 

The packaging is covered with a lot of shiny-ness, which successfully gives the impression of having good taste. Splash graphic also contributes to the sense of good quality. But nothing more than that. The subtle chevron pattern has been used in the background, which is black in color. It clearly shows all the details. 

You can read the number of servings clearly, which is a plus point. All the benefits of this product are also listed on the packaging, which does help in attracting customers. The airtight container is pretty large and simple to store. So, to sum up, the packaging of Cardio Igniter is average, but still, it contains all the information you need to know. 

What Are the Side Effects of Cardio Igniter? 

Top Secret Cardio Igniter contains different stimulants that can be harmful to you if you take it more than the mentioned dosage. You need to keep in mind that it’s purely a stimulant-based Pre-Workout Supplement that will provide visible results in a short time. Stimulants such as caffeine, citrus aurantium, and advantra Z are great in boosting energy and enhancing performance, but they can be dangerous in the long run. You won’t find such issue in the G-fuel’s pre-workout supplements.

Cardio Igniter side effects are quite common. Caffeine causes jitters, fast heartbeat, hot flashes, and insomnia. So, you need to consume Cardio Igniter long before your usual sleep time as it will not let sleep come to your eyes quickly. Advantra Z is known for increasing blood pressure in some people and racing heart in general. Citrus aurantium can be responsible for nausea, indigestion, constipation, and appetite loss.

Cardio Igniter Performance Review

cardio igniter review

As mentioned previously in this Cardio Igniter review, this product is very much popular among fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes. Because of the powerful ingredients it contains, Cardio Igniter delivers great performance, which won’t let you regret buying this supplement. Let’s talk in detail about its overall performance. 

1. Value

Value is something that determines if a product is going to be available for all or not. Some of the best-selling Pre-Workout Supplements cost so much that only people with a considerable budget can afford it. But the price Cardio Igniter offers is excellent as it makes this product everyone’s cup of tea. 

The ingredients of Top Secret Cardio Igniter are very much effective, something that is found in high quality brands. It is not very common to get all these beneficial ingredients at this price. So, certainly, it is going to be a value for money product for you. 

2. Strong Workouts

Cardio Igniter is a power-packed pre-workout supplement that does what it claims, something difficult to find in this whole supplement industry. Take this at least 30 minutes before your cardio workout to give it some time to sink in. This time maintenance is necessary to get the most out of this supplement. 

Top Secret Cardio Igniter is designed to give you maximum energy, which will last long. This high level of energy not only elevates your performance and muscle endurance, but it also makes the muscle recovery process faster. You will stay very focused on each exercise and have the strength to perform more challenging cardio workouts as well. 

3. Doesn’t Crash

This is a very important factor associated with even the best supplements. Cardio Igniter does not crash; it means you will not come down and feel sleepy after your workout is done. 

Intense exercises require high energy, which you get from this product. What happens with most supplements is that they are manufactured to provide you great energy during your workout. And as soon as it’s over, you feel totally drained out like the Hum Skinny nutrition.

This immense amount of tiredness and fatigue hinders the muscle recovery process. But Cardio Igniter doesn’t let that happen. It holds up the energy level quite gracefully after a workout. So, you will not face this kind of post-workout trauma. 


Top Secret Cardio Igniter is an excellent pre-workout supplement that fulfils all of its promises. It comes at a reasonable price, which makes it very convenient. All the ingredients are proven to contain outstanding sports benefits. This product contains stimulants, so you need to be conscious about it if you are intolerant to stimulants.

But no users have complained about its severe side effects because the dosage is clearly mentioned on the packaging. Also, it is a vegan supplement. To conclude, Cardio Igniter checks all the boxes, and undoubtedly, it is one of the best pre-workout supplements available in the market.

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