Best Cruelty-Free and Vegan Designer Handbags

Top Cruelty-Free and Vegan Designer Handbags

As the saying goes, women keep their life in their handbag. It is one of those accessories, which gives an edge to your fashion statement. Hence, if you are on the lookout for a new inclusion to your vegan wardrobe, we’ve got you covered in this list of top vegan designer bags.

Vegan handbagsare made with leather alternatives. Gone are those days when these alternatives were basically the worst forms of plastic that had a negative impact on the environment. Today, designers and brands use noble materials that are far more eco-friendly. These designer bags from around the world are bound to change your view of vegan fashion forever.

This list of designer vegan handbags includes some of the top international brands and designers. Thanks to the growing awareness of animal-cruelty among fashion brands, which has made it possible for every vegan to overtake the runway and make a trend of wearing animals obsolete. So, let’s check out the designer vegan handbags.

What are Vegan Handbags?

Billions of animals are killed every year for the production of only leather. Those who are against any form of animal harm opt for vegan alternatives of leather. Here comes the role of vegan handbags, which are basically the ones with no leather or similar animal-derived material used during the manufacturing process.

PU leather (Know how PU leather is Vegan with us) or polyurethane handbags make a very popular choice when it comes to vegan handbags. However, this material has a negative impact on the environment. Therefore, the top designers and brands have come up with more eco-friendly and sustainable material while designing the cruelty free designer bagsfor vegans.

Why Vegan Leather?

Firstly, vegan leather makes a great alternative to animal leather and therefore, stands against animal cruelty. Secondly, vegan leather is sustainable since it requires 20 times less energy, water, and land use than the production of animal leather. Thirdly, vegan leather has come a long way and you will be spoilt for choices among a variety of vegan purse, handbags, and duffle bags.

Best Luxury Vegan Handbags Brands

1st Place
Best Cruelty-Free and Vegan Designer Handbags Matt & Nat Bags By Matt & Nat
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Best Value
Best Cruelty-Free and Vegan Designer Handbags Stella McCartney Bags By Stella McCartney
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3 Best Cruelty-Free and Vegan Designer Handbags Doshi Handbags By Doshi
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4 Best Cruelty-Free and Vegan Designer Handbags Melie Bianco Bags By Melie Bianco
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5 Best Cruelty-Free and Vegan Designer Handbags Korvara Handbags By Korvara
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We have listed ten luxury vegan handbagsfrom the houses of top designers. This list will show you the variety we have today in the category of eco-friendly and outrageously fashionable vegan bags. Explore the collection, check out their pros, cons, and find out the one that matches your personality.

1. Matt & Nat Bags

Each season, Matt & Nat continues to explore new innovative ways to design sustainable and eco-friendly handbags. The premium quality vegan leather handbags are adorned by all the vegans as well as non-vegan fashion enthusiasts, who love to stay updated with the latest trends.

The brand’s conscious approach to discard leather and animal-based material has helped them to innovate a special type of bag lining, which is made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles. Also, the bags are made of recycled nylons, cardboard, rubber, and cork besides PU and PVC. You will come across a huge variety of handbags in their line.

From belt bag, backpack, sling bag to the typical satchel, dwell, and totes. These bags feature elegant shades, secured zip closure, spacious compartments, and a refined design to suit the women of substance. You can consider this one if you wish to present a vegan gift to someone. (Check more Vegan gift ideas here).


  1. Sustainable and eco-friendly handbags
  2. Looks and feels like real leather
  3. A variety of colors and designs
  4. Bag linings are 100% recycled plastic bottles


  1. Some of their luxury handbags feature PU and PVC material
  2. Made in small factories in China, a high-risk country for poor labor conditions

2. Stella McCartney Bags

Stella McCartney was one of the first designers to insist on vegan ethics in her creations. Her exquisitely designed handbags are a true reflection of her expressiveness. Within the amazing range of designer vegan bags, the Falabella handbags have overruled the fashion trend with their iconic design.

These bags are available in a contrasting range of shades. From striking red to much elegant black and grey, you have ample options to choose from. The logo tote is another option, which seems to have both mass appeal and staying power. There are different shapes and sizes in logo totes including large logo tote, rounded, rattan fabric, and smaller cross-bodies.

You can also explore the beautiful purses in various designs. These bags are made from non-leather materials that are PVC-free and solvent-free. Alter-Nappa is the material, which is produced with a reduced amount of petroleum.


  1. Made of alter-nappa, an eco-friendly material
  2. Falabella handbags have different colors
  3. Metallic strap and sheen add to the design
  4. Logo totes have a variety of sizes


  1. Expensive than other brands
  2. The metal strap might get uncomfortable

3. Doshi Handbags

This Southern California-based brand was initiated keeping in mind the ethical beliefs of people following a vegan lifestyle. Hence, the exclusive range of women’s handbags provides smart, fashionable, and quality options to all fashionistas.

Not only this, but the brand representatives also visit their factories to ensure premium product construction, environmental practices, and workers’ well being. The main materials of Doshi handbags include the highest grades of microfiber PU leather and suede. You will get a variety of designs from wallets, backpacks, briefcases, lady bags, and saddlebags.

Doshi women’s vegan lady bag comes in a classy black shade. It features both padded handles and a strap. The saddlebag features an elegant and minimal design in pure black shade. One cannot miss the intricate design of the logo etched or embellished on the bags. Doshi dedicates 5% of its net sales to nonprofits that benefit animals and the environment.


  1. Highest grades of microfiber PU leather and suede made
  2. Elegant designs with a beautiful brand logo
  3. Clean factories ensure workers’ well being
  4. Wide range of vegan wallets


  1. The variety of colors is limited
  2. Not many varieties in the range of handbags

4. Melie Bianco Bags

The vegan handbag range of Melie Bianco is gorgeous and versatile. The brand is popular among the LA celebs for providing cruelty-free, animal-friendly accessories using fair trade principles. Various publications including Vogue, Elle, and Marie Claire have featured this eco-friendly label.

Though the Melie Bianco bags are made in China, the factories undergo supervision to ensure proper health and work environment of the labors. When it comes to the range of handbags, you will surely be spoilt for choices. There are as many colors and designs available as you would want to explore. Hence, choosing one from the collection is a really tough task.

From cross bags, belt bags, totes, backpacks, shoulder bags, top handle bags to tech bags, and travel bags, you name it and they probably have it. Premium quality faux leather is the primary material, making these bags look and feel like real leather.


  1. Versatile collection for all occasions
  2. A wide variety of colors
  3. PETA approved materials
  4. Ensures good health and work environment of labors


  1. Bag color might vary from the picture
  2. Some users complain the leather is not soft

5. Korvara Handbags

Vegan handbags from Korvara are bold and yet subtle. Though the variety is limited as compared to the other brands, the bags have attractive features to provide you with optimum comfort and sustainability. The totes and crossbody bags are the most popular ones. They come in elegant shades of black, brown, and blue.

Once you look at their design, you will notice the sleek aesthetic charm they have. The crosshatch pattern is another signature style of this brand. Korvara has a collection of wallets and shoulder bags that you can also explore. The bags are absolutely vegan-friendly and cruelty-free since they are mostly made of Saffiano leather.

The inner layer of nylon makes them long resistant and sturdy. These bags are perfect for everyday use owing to their water and scratch-resistant finish. The price range might vary depending upon the design, material, and size.


  1. Stylish crosshatch pattern
  2. Made of vegan Saffiano leather
  3. An inner layer of nylon
  4. Priced affordably


  1. The options are limited
  2. The collection is not versatile

6. Dasein Bags

Dasein is a German brand that focuses on individual expression while designing handbags. Hence, the brand presents a collection of handbags that can accentuate the individual behind the fashion accessory, rather than the brand itself. The vast collection features a variety of designs and colors to suit all.

From casual backpacks, tote bags, hobo bags, and crossbody bags, to formal satchel bags, briefcases, wallets, and clutches, from solid and neutral shades to the floral ones, they have it all. If you explore the collection, you will surely find a design that suits your style. Polyurethane or vegan faux leather is the material that most of the Dasein bags feature.

One cannot miss the classy and premium quality metallic hardware accents and buckles Dasein uses. The texture and feel of the material exactly replicate original leather. There is no trace of chemical smell in the bags.


  1. A huge variety of handbags
  2. Texture and feel is like real leather
  3. No trace of chemical smell
  4. Price range is nominal


  1. Uses polyurethane or vegan faux leather
  2. Some users feel bags have a smell

7. Pixie Mood Bags

Another renowned vegan brand with an exquisite collection of handbags, Pixie Mood makes a great choice. This Canadian brand makes all-vegan bags and accessories based on the concept that style can be trendy and socially responsible at the same time. Pixie Mood has strict policies including prohibitions on child and forced labor.

The collection has backpacks, totes, crossbodies, and wallets of different sizes, shapes, designs, and colors to suit every mood. The most striking aspect of their design is the use of subtle pastel shades like lilac, beige, white, and peach. The bags also feature an elegant, minimal design. Within the range, you can check out their rectangular cross body bag.

The bag comes with accordion sides, a push-lock closure, an interior slip pocket, and a detachable strap. Also, the vegan leather tote bags from their range are worth mention. These spacious bags can accompany you in all your casual outings.


  1. Premium quality vegan leather
  2. Minimal design in subtle pastel shades
  3. Prohibitions child and forced labor
  4. Prices are affordable


  1. Not available in bright colors
  2. Limited bags for clubbing or partying

8. Urban Expressions Bags

As the name suggests, this vegan brand is all about the changing trends of urban life and its expressions. As the brand claims, they design bags for every day, everywhere, and everything. This brand comes up with an adorable collection of fresh designs you will love.

The versatile collection includes bags for almost all occasions. If you prefer subtle, elegant designs, go for the satchel, baguette, and minaudiere bags in black, beige, and brown. If you are looking for something very casual, the totes, messenger bags, and hobo bags in both solid and printed designs will make you spoilt for choices.

This brand has another section of woven bags, which can match the ethnic outfits well. The premium quality vegan leather material and fabric lining make these bags sustainable for long. You can rely upon the material when it comes to looking for vegan bags.


  1. A wide variety of handbags
  2. Premium quality vegan leather
  3. Bags for almost all occasions
  4. An impressive section of woven bags


  1. The vegan leather material is not clearly mentioned
  2. A little expensive than other brands

9. SOLE / SOCIETY Dayla Crossbody

This brand presents a unique collection of handbags by mixing and slightly editing the edge of the east coast and the coolness of the west coast. Though the brand is not solely dedicated to vegan accessories, it has a ton of great leather-free options.

The vegan range of handbags by Sole Society is something you must check out. Within this range, the Dayla Crossbody bag makes a perfect choice for all your casual and semi-formal occasions. This one has an edge of the 70s aesthetic mixed with the trendy stitching and crisscross design. This bag comes in a classy shade of white, which is accentuated further with golden buckles and a black border.

If you want to sport a retro style, this one can be the ultimate choice. When it comes to usability, it pleases you with a spacious compartment to accommodate your essentials. The USA-based brand features superior quality vegan leather in this bag.


  1. Perfect for casual and semi-formal occasions
  2. Superior quality vegan leather
  3. Spacious compartment secured with a zip
  4. Moderately priced


  1. The brand makes non-vegan items as well
  2. Bag material not mentioned

10. Alexandra K’s 1.5 Signature Handbag

The demand for Alexandra K. continues to grow and the reason is not limited to the impeccable designs but also the dedication to bring environmentally friendly materials. The 1.5 signature statement bag is worth a mention. It is available in ethical fabrics including apple leather, peace suede, and freedom leather.

The last material mentioned here is the signature material of this Polish brand, which is absolutely recyclable and vegan friendly. This bag is available in two elegant shades of black and beige. The bag features fine Italian hardware, which is long resistant.

The compartments in this bag are very interesting. It features a phone pocket, another pocket for iPad Mini or maybe a small tablet, an oblong pocket for pens, a zipped security pocket along with two small pockets for essential items like lipstick and minor. There are superior quality side zippers to increase usability.


  1. Available in two shades
  2. Recyclable and vegan-friendly material
  3. Fine Italian hardware is long resistant
  4. Multiple compartments


  1. Pricier than other designer bags
  2. Not too many varieties

What to look for when Buying a Vegan Handbag?

luxury vegan handbags brands

Buying a new vegan handbag can be a tricky task when you are unsure about certain things. Since real leather is known for sustainability, texture, and other aspects, you need to know whether the alternatives can provide you with equal quality. Also, you need to know whether they are eco-friendly.

1. Zero Waste Handbags

We already know that not all vegan leathers are the same. The traditional alternatives to real leather had been PU (polyurethane) and PVC (polyvinyl chloride). The same are often used to make vegan combat boots and fashionable vegan UGG boots These are basically made of polymer or plastic, which is not biodegradable. The production process of these materials can cause harm to the environment.

Hence, nowadays, the top vegan brands and designers are using innovative materials such as mushroom leather, grape leather, pineapple leather, citrus cellulose, algae fiber, corn leather, apple leather, coffee leather, palm leather, synthetic spider silk upcycled rubber, hemp, lyocell, bamboo, cork and many more. All of these are biodegradable.

2. Sustainable Materials

While choosing an expensive designer or branded accessory, it is essential to know its sustainability. PU and PVC are the common vegan alternative of real leather, which are usually long resistant. A premium quality PVC is more flexible and hence, it is supposed to last even longer than PU.

However, the growing awareness of eco-friendly vegan products has led to new and innovative materials. But, are they as sustainable as real leather? The answer is yes. These materials are processed with avant-garde technology to last long. Also, since you are choosing organic material, you should know that you are already choosing a sustainable material than using animal leather.

3. Brand and Quality

We all inspect the quality and brand name before choosing a product. However, when it comes to stylish apparel and accessories, we often get tempted to buy them at a first glance.

If you are choosing something as particular as a vegan designer handbag, checking the quality and the brand name is crucial. Firstly, you need to know the exact material to see whether it is cruelty-free and eco friendly. Then, know about the brand by reading reviews and exploring their website. The genuine and popular brands with good brand value will always stick to what it claims.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any Louis Vuitton vegan handbag? – No, Louis Vuitton bags are made from animal skin (leather).

Are any designer bags vegan? – Yes, in fact, the designer vegan bags mentioned above are taking over the racks.

Is Gucci vegan? – No, top brands like Gucci mostly make accessories with animal leather.


Now that you know about the ten best designers to choose from, go ahead and upgrade your wardrobe with a premium quality vegan leather handbag. Some of these brands are solely dedicated to vegan accessories while some have come up with a fresh and exclusive collection featuring vegan-friendly material.

The best aspect of the branded and designer vegan bags is the eco-friendly material they use. It is what makes them different from the ordinary PU and PVC handbags, which are comparatively inexpensive. Finally, while choosing the latest design and your budget, don’t forget to check their sustainability and quality.

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