Top Vegan Meal Plans

Vegan Meal Plan

Vegan meals have become quite popular nowadays. A tremendous number of people have inclined towards the vegan diet due to ethical, health and environmental issues. When the vegan diet is followed in an ideal manner, it may result in numerous health benefits such as improved sugar control, loss of excess weight, protection against certain cancers and much more.

We have enlisted grocery and recipe list for beginners that will help you easily start your vegan journey! Along with the food, you must turn completely to vegan lifestyle. For this, you must use vegan cosmetics, vegan deodorant, vegan household cleaning products and every part of your lifestyle. 

On the other hand, the vegan diet may lead to the risk of nutritional deficiencies as well. To avoid the deficiencies, you need to maintain it in a proper way. Let’s delve into the article and get acquainted with the various vegan meal plans to maintain a healthy vegan lifestyle. Before moving on to the meal plans, you need to have a deep understanding of a vegan diet.

What is the Vegan Diet?

Living a vegan lifestyle means that you exclude all forms of animal cruelty and exploitation, whether it is related to food, clothing or any beauty products like Mascara, Foundation, lipstick or any other thing. Some vegan beauty products work even better than its non-vegan counterparts like there are some top vegan mascarasvegan foundations, brushes, lipsticks, and many more.

By looking from the perspective of a vegan diet, it contains only plants, like vegetables, fruits and nuts and the foods that are derived from plants. Vegans exclude all the foods that are derived from animals in their diet like dairy products, eggs etc.

If you are a beginner and don’t know how to start your vegan journey, then you can refer to some online platforms that offer mouth-watering vegan dishes and meal plans. Let’s have a detailed discussion about some of them.

Top Vegan Meal Plans

1. Fresh Meal Plan

Fresh Meal Plan

This online portal based in America aids you in living a healthy lifestyle by offering a variety of foods like Traditional, Paleo, Keto, Vegan and Lean & Mean. They offer fresh quality food without adding any preservative and deliver meals right at your door step so you don’t have to worry about preparing your meals in the morning and spending time in the groceries to get the right ingredients.

The platform offers you meal plan solutions as well that helps in achieving your health goals. According to them, every meal matters so they prefer only high-quality ingredients and prepare your meal just the way you like. 

Their vegan section is specially designed for those who don’t eat animal-based products, yet they want to have a balanced food in their diet that offers a lot of nutritional content and variety as well. Some of the dishes they involve in their vegan menu are as follows:

  • Pina Colada overnight oats
  • Sausage and sweet potato bowl
  • Cinnamon French toast
  • Different Vegan Desserts like pancakes
  • Jackfruit and Guava and many more

You can also subscribe to their vegan weekly meal plans if you are undergoing any 7-day vegan challenge. The platform offers three meal plans. In the first one, you get 10 meals per week and is available for around $109.00. In the second one, you get 6 meals per week for around $72.00. The third meal plan involves meals starting from $10.00 and you get 14 meals per week.

Now, the question arises that how are you going to follow the entire procedure? So, basically, it just involves three basic steps.

  • Firstly, you need to choose your weekly meals according to your plan. The platforms post a new menu every week, so you will get to enjoy a lot of different dishes and satisfy your taste buds with healthy eating.
  • After the selection of dishes, the meals get delivered at your door and you will receive fresh delivery every week until you freeze your account.
  • All the meals are delivered in insulated packaging. So, you just need to refrigerate them as it is. Whenever you want to have them, just break the seal, microwave for a few minutes and enjoy your dish. Isn’t that simple?

You can refer to their social media handles and their website if you have any query related to their meals. Check out its reviews by its customers.

Top Vegan Meal Plans

“Fresh Meal Plan has been great for me and my husband. We both lost over 15 pounds. We love the selections and the convenience of not having to cook during the week. I’ve never had a problem with delivery. We been getting Fresh Meals for over a year now and never had one problem. Food is delicious and fresh.”


2. Catered Fit

Catered Fit Vegan Meal Plan

This online platform offers four different meal plans- Classic, Paleo, Meatless and Combo. The Classic Macronutritient meal plan is specially designed for those individuals who are looking for weight maintenance. The meal plan offers you all the pure complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, lean proteins etc to keep your body fully energized. 

The Paleo meal plan focuses on dishes that offer high energy to your body. The meals include lean meats, fresh fruits, nuts, a moderate amount of sweet potato etc. The meals involved in this plan are gluten-free, free of grains, dairy products, processed foods and diabetic friendly as well. 

The vegan meal plan includes fresh fruits and vegetables, plant-based proteins and carbohydrates. The ingredients used in vegan meals are locally sourced and 100% natural as well. All the fructose syrup, modified starches, hydrogenated oils and man-made dyes are eliminated from the meals. Some of the dishes included in the vegan meal plan are tofu, sautéed bok, grilled tempeh, Choy etc.

If you are going to consider this platform for your future meals, then you should take note that they consider honey as a vegan ingredient and they often use it as a natural sweetener in their meals. Apart from ordering your vegan meals, you can also customize your plan by adding some add-on like cold brew coffee, juices, snacks and desserts and they will be altered to fit your vegan lifestyle. 

Moving on to the healthy Vegan Meal Plans, Catered Fit offers a 5-Day and 20-Day vegan plan. In these two meal plans, they have further divided the meals of normal men and women and the athletes as athletes require more nutritional content to stay efficient and active in their respective sports.

In the 5-Day meal plan for men and women, you can order 3 meals per day at around $10 per meal, 4 meals per day at about $9 per meal and 5 meals per day at around $8 per meal according to your needs. For the athlete section, you can order 3 meals per day at around $11 per meal, 4 meals at around $10 per meal and 5 meals a day at around $9 per meal.

If you are just interested in having 2 meals a day, then you can also order the combo meal plan. Similarly, there is a 20-day vegan meal plan in which you can order 3, 4 or 5 meals a day and the pricing is slightly less than the 5-Day meal plan. 

They have got some amazing reviews from their customers who seem to be pretty satisfied with the delivery and meals. 

Top Vegan Meal Plans

“Great food with vegan options. I love the fact that they give you macro counts. The driver is super friendly, the food is great. Not a single complaint! Filling, flavorful food.”


3. Fresh n Healthy Meals

Fresh n Healthy Meals

It is one of the top-rated platforms that offer healthy food alternatives and aims at lowering the child obesity percentage in the USA. They use sustainable ingredients from the local sources in their meals and aims at strengthening the communities by offering fresh and healthy food services just right at their doors. 

Their weekly menu includes Paleo, Keto, Athletic Nutrition, Vegan, desserts and snacks. The athletic nutrition meals are well-balanced, have a bigger portion of meals and are customized to fit the athlete’s weight gain goals. The Paleo food is unprocessed, contains naturally sourced ingredients, free of dairy products and grains and is specially designed for lean mass or weight loss goals. The keto diet includes high-fat meals, low or no carbs, low protein and fits into weight loss goals. 

On the other hand, vegan meals eliminate all the animal-derived ingredients. Some of the vegan meals included in their menu are Spicy Chipotle Black Bean Burger, Vegan Meatless Balls, Vegan Sloppy Joe, BBQ jackfruit, Texas Quinoa Chili and Falafel Bowl. Along with the above food, you can add a smoothie to your diet like quinoa smoothie to make the meal more filling and healthy.

They offer 10 meal plan at the cost around $105 per week in which you can choose 10 meals according to your needs and customize them according to your likes and dislikes. In this meal plan, you get 10% off on your regular pricing plus free delivery as well. 15 meal plan costs you around $149 per week in which you get 20% off regular pricing plus free delivery and 1 free snack or dessert. There is another weekly meal plan at around $11.5 in which you can order small meals that start from at around $50.

Top Vegan Meal Plans

“Really happy with the food quality the place offers. Their food is not only delicious but fresh as well. The steak and rice I had here were delicious, the fresh salad was no less. Within few minutes they served me what I ordered. Place is neat and clean, the staff is good too. I would recommend going here.”


4. Veestro


The platform serves all plant-based meals as they believe that it is a much healthier way of having our meals and you can get them whenever you want as the ingredients are easily available. The plant-based meals also reduce the risk of various chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Also, the meals don’t include any saturated fats, so ultimately it helps in maintaining your weight as well. Although the ingredients are easily available, it gets tough for the people to cook their fresh meals in the morning, especially if they are leading a hectic corporate lifestyle. That’s why Veestro has taken an initiative to deliver freshly prepared meals at your door step so that you can maintain your healthy lifestyle without compromising your work. 

They also include vegan meals that are gluten-free, soy-free, kosher, nut-free, low-calorie and high-protein. You can choose the meals you like from over 50 distinct varieties of dishes and get your meal box delivered just at the right time. They have featured a vegan weight loss meal plan on their platform which includes 3 meals per day that count to approximately 1200 calories. 

The 5-Day plant-based diet meal plan costs you around $175 plus free shipping whereas, in the 7-Day Plan you get 21 meals for around $226.80. You can refer to their official website to check out the exciting meals that they select for every week’s menu. Some of the meals that they offer are breakfast burrito, Spanish Torta, Oatmeal breakfast pie, Red curry with tofu, soba noodles in peanut sauce and many more.

The interesting fact is that before ordering your meal you can also check out their detailed nutritional info as well. Isn’t that cool? In this way, you can keep a count on the number of calorie intake per meal. 

Now, let’s see what the customers and famous food bloggers are saying about their meals.

Top Vegan Meal Plans

“I first tried Veestro about a year ago and was obsessed. Even Jord, Mr Carnivore, loves it. I first tried their Soba Noodle dish and was addicted.”


5. Green Chef

Green Chef

The green chef is a certified organic company that uses sustainable and green ingredients in their freshly prepared meals. Also, the packaging that they use for their meals is recyclable, reusable or compostable, which, means by ordering from their platform, you are selecting an eco-friendly option. Their online portal offers food in four distinct categories: keto, Paleo, Balanced Living and Plant-Powered. 

In all these four categories, the chefs set up a new menu every week so that the customers get to taste new dishes. The keto meals have a low amount of carbs and are gluten-free as well. The meals are so delicious that they keep you motivated to stay focused on your keto lifestyle without going out of track.

The Paleo meals are gluten-free as well and are prepared from the seasonal ingredients and contain high-quality protein. In the balanced living category, customers can select from a wide variety of dishes that include meat, vegetarian meals and seafood. Last but not the least comes the plant-powered or vegan category which offers a variety of flavorful meals that are made of distinct veggies keeping the nutritional value in mind. Some of the dishes involved are Greek Fusilli pasta bowl, mashed potatoes, Harissa-apricot Glazed tofu and Japanese vegetable fritters.

They offer a 2-person plan and a family plan. In the 2-person plan, you get in a total of 6 meals delivered in a week. Basically, they serve 3 dinners for 2 people and it will take at least 30 minutes to prepare the meal. The plan costs you around $9.99 per meal. In a Family plan, you get 2 wholesome dinners for a 4 member family, which gets ready in about 30-45 minutes and costs you around $10.99 per meal.

Let’s see what their customers have to say about them.

Top Vegan Meal Plans

“So happy to have @greenchef vegan meals again this weekend! Seriously feels like high-class dining but cheaper and more fun.”


With so many options available on each of the above-mentioned platforms, you may get confused about which meal plan to choose, especially if you are wondering how to lose weight fast in 2 weeks. So, the simple solution for this is to choose the vegan meal plan for weight loss.

The addition of versatile veggies like spinach, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, zucchini, etc., is known as the “most nutrient-dense healthy items” and are low in calories and contain high fiber content as well. All this helps in maintaining weight while consuming an ideal amount of nutritional content. Moreover, vegan diets are low in saturated fats and that’s a big plus point to achieve your weight loss goals. 

While choosing a meal plan, you must look for the nutrients that it provides. Especially vitamin B12 which is an essential nutrient but, found less in vegan meals. You can include certain vegan foods that are rich in vitamin B12 in your diet. This helps you maintain your body nourishment and keep it health.


Living a hectic daily schedule is a daunting task and to keep up with your diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle is quite tough as well. But, as you have seen in this article, we have provided you with various options of online portals that actually deliver fresh and healthy prepared meals at your door.

By indulging in the meal plans, you can save a lot of time for yourself and can spend that time in pampering yourself and with your family as well. The main motive of serving meals at your door, is to basically make your life a little bit easier and healthy as you don’t have to hustle for the grocery shopping, finding the ingredients and then spending the rest of your time in preparing meals. So, choose the meals as per your needs and taste and enjoy healthy dishes with your family and have a great time with them. 

Moreover, following a vegan lifestyle just with the mindset of losing weight may distract you from the track in the long run. You may not get satisfied with the results. Therefore, before going vegan, you need to understand the vegan lifestyle and then in the starting, you should follow the approach of having small meals instead of just eliminating everything that’s not vegan from your diet in a second. Let your body get used to of the plant-based meals and later on, you can turn yourself completely vegan.

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