Top Vegan UGG Boots Brands for Men and Women

A vegan lifestyle is more about putting your moral and ethical values in the center and less about bringing changes. As you understand what is humane and right, the changes or transformations appear to be nothing but necessary.

This way of thinking allows us to have a more vivid perspective on everything we perceive daily. Slowly we start to look through things before buying something in a hurry, just out of excitement. That’s why we never get tired of looking for vegan and cruelty-free brands.

We all know that UGGs are the best option for people who look for all-day-long comfort. UGGs have become a fashion statement nowadays because they are very cozy and warm and are designed for regular use. They stand for convenience and usefulness. But it is tough to find vegan and cruelty-free UGG boots. So, we have incorporated some of the vegan UGGs, which are completely cruelty-free options to go for. But before that, let’s get an overview of UGGs and how they are usually made.

What Are UGG Boots?

UGG boots are unisex footwear, originated in Australia. Surfers used to wear these boots because they were warm and comfortable. Later, in the 1970s, UGGs stepped into the US and UK and made its great impact on the surf culture there. After the 2000s, UGGs became dominant footwear worldwide.

What Are UGGs Made Out Of?

The original method of designing UGG boots in Australia was something that is very cruel and can give vegans a nightmare. The traditional UGG boots are manufactured with sheepskin and fleece. The fleece was used to be tanned to make leather. UGGs have fleece on the inner part to keep your feet warm. And the sheepskin is used to provide the boots with isothermal properties.

Many UGG boots are made of a synthetic sole. Manufacturers use Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) to make the sole. You can see the stitching from the outside of these UGG boots. Also, some variations of UGGs contain the fur of Kangaroo and leather. They are way cheaper than the sheepskin ones. Similar to the way they make combat boots. You can also try out vegan combat boots if you like wearing them.

What are the Vegan UGG Alternatives Made Out Of?

cruelty free boots like uggs

In this cruel animal-killing environment, the good news is, vegan alternatives of UGG boots are now available on a large scale, which is cruelty-free and gives you a similar comfort like traditional UGGs. These synthetic boots contain many man-made materials that are manufactured without harming any animal.

Vegan and cruelty-free UGG boots contain faux fur, a fabric that appears like animal fur and gives that same comfortability and convenience. Usually, microfiber, a great synthetic yarn, is used to create this faux fur. Manufacturers use polyester layers or some waterproof coatings outside of the UGGs to provide the faux-leather finish.

Microfiber is again used in the inside part of the boots to provide the feeling of wool. The insole is often made of memory foam, whereas rubber is used to make the outside of the sole. This is how vegan and cruelty-free UGGs are made. Most of the vegan boots and shoes are made from the above fabrics including synthetic fabric. For usual work wear, you can check out vegan work shoes for men and women that you can use daily.

Are UGG Boots Cruelty-free?

No, the traditional method of making UGGs involve sheepskin and fleece. So, it is definitely not cruelty-free. The UGG company claims to have an ethical animal welfare policy. That means that they use sheep’s skin, which is usually slaughtered for other reasons, such as getting meat.

However, this doesn’t mean that they are doing an ethical thing using an animal’s skin. Slaughtering an innocent animal is a brutal thing to do and should be declared as a punishable crime. In Australia, every spring, nearly 3 million young lambs get killed for meat, sheepskin, or wools.

Top 10 Vegan UGG Boots Alternative

1st Place
Top Vegan UGG Boots Brands for Men and Women Floopi Warm Eco-Friendly Winter Boots for Women By Floopi
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Best Value
Top Vegan UGG Boots Brands for Men and Women Reneeze Women’s Mid-Calf Boot By Reneeze
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3 Top Vegan UGG Boots Brands for Men and Women Cushionaire Women’s Heather Pull on Boot By Cushionaire
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4 Top Vegan UGG Boots Brands for Men and Women HStylish Women’s Classic Fur Snow Boots By HStylish
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5 Top Vegan UGG Boots Brands for Men and Women Willowbee Women’s Zoey Boot By Willowbee
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The number of brands that manufacture vegan UGG boots is increasing because people have started to differentiate between right and wrong. These cruelty-free UGGs are made of comfortable synthetic fabric that keeps your feet warm for a long period. This article will find the top 10 Vegan UGG Boots Brands and a detailed discussion about their material, quality, and price. So, let us proceed.

1. Floopi Warm Eco-Friendly Winter Boots for Women

This vegan pair of Uggs promises your feet the luxury of walking on the softest, feather-light suede while ensuring durability in terms of the material composition of the rest of the boots.

Made especially to withstand the colder weather, you can slip on this pair of Uggs with a hard and thick rubber sole along with a suede exterior that suits any kind of surface – whether snow or gravel. 

And if you’re wondering, then of course the suede is ethically sourced and is not animal-derived in the least – making your warm pair of Uggs guilt-free experience for your vegan lifestyle.

Additionally, Floopi introduces these Ugg boots in a variety of shades – whether a simple burgundy to pastel pink, Floopi has got it all in terms of aesthetic variety. However, it is necessary to break these boots in a bit before you can use them in earnest since they can be somewhat uncomfortable on initial usage. 


  1. A variety of colors to choose from – pink, burgundy, navy, camel, grey, black.
  2. Extremely snug fit, doesn’t need to be worn with thick winter socks.


  1. Needs to be worn a few times, since initial use can make the boots seem somewhat uncomfortable.

2. Reneeze Women’s Mid-Calf Boot

This Reneeze Women’s Mid-Calf Boot is one of the best vegan and cruelty-free boots available in the market. It is made of high-quality synthetic material that confirms maximum comfort. The synthetic fiber is also very durable to provide you a long-lasting performance.

This boot by Reneeze is stylish looking footwear. The outer portion is made of a soft and smooth suede material, which enables it to be a fashionable UGG.

The insole has a soft faux lining to keep your feet warm and cozy in chilly weather conditions.

This mid-calf boot comes with a pull-on design, which is easy to put on and take off. Its 11.25 inches of shaft height and flat heel make it a classy and trendy UGG. It’s a cost-effective product that has got great reviews.


  1. Made of high-quality synthetic material.
  2. Offers a great shaft height with a flat heel
  3. Highly-padded footbed for great comfort


  1. Causes painful friction on the back of the heel
  2. Fit is not good as the length is quite bigger according to the width

3. Cushionaire Women’s Heather Pull on Boot

These pull-on boots not only make it extremely easy for you to get your Uggs on in seconds but also provide your outfit a luxurious touch with the faux fur lining at the top of the shaft of these Uggs. 

The exterior of these Uggs has the sleekest lining of suede that makes your boots look luxurious, while the interior has faux fur that can keep your feet warm while being extremely snug at the same time. Once again, the sole of these Uggs is a hard and durable rubber – making it a great option for any weather. 

However, the main feature of these Uggs lies in the memory foam present in the insoles – an exciting proposition as far as the comfort of your feet is concerned. These insoles can mold according to the exact shape of your feet, making these Uggs by far the most comfortable pair you’ve purchased to date. 


  1. Has memory foam insoles that can provide greater comfort to your feet.
  2. Pull-on boots that can be worn quickly.
  3. The hard rubber sole ensures minimal slipping on all surfaces.


  1. The toes of the boot might be somewhat narrower than usual, making them uncomfortable if worn for extended periods of time.

4. HStylish Women’s Classic Fur Snow Boots

This pair of Uggs does not disappoint in the least, especially as far as aesthetic appeal is concerned. The lace-up quality of these Uggs makes it extremely easy to put on while giving it that extra pizzazz at the same time, no matter which of their shades you may choose from – whether the classic brown, black or minimalist grey. 

Additionally, the rubber sole is equipped with anti-slip technology, making it a great pick for the first snow of the season. The insides of these Uggs has faux fur and is thus great for keeping your feet warm even in the coldest weather.

While not missing out on additional qualities such as memory foam insoles and a breathable interior that doesn’t make your toes feel too cramped either, owing to the traditional round-toed design. Users are especially impressed with this latter feature, and with how roomy the boots feel without being oversized in the least.


  1. Memory foam insoles that adjust to your foot perfectly.
  2. Breathable interior that allows for greater space within the boots for your feet, while not missing out on keeping them warm.


  1. Can only be hand-washed or dry-cleaned.

5. Willowbee Women’s Zoey Boot

Willowbee Women’s Zoey Boot offers a comfortable wear experience because of its great material. These vegan UGG boots are created with 100% faux suede, which is imported. Faux is a great material that provides great coziness and warmth, so your feet do not get cold in chilly weather conditions.

These vegan and cruelty-free UGG boots come with a high-quality rubber sole, which ensures a great and firm grip. Additionally, the traction sole offers cozy faux fur lining to guarantee maximum comfort and durability.

Premium quality memory foam is used to make the insole part of the boots to ensure your feet do not face any friction when putting them on or taking off. The Willowbee Women’s Zoey Boot is 100% vegan and cruelty-free, which is made without putting animal lives in danger. These UGG boots come in a great range of attractive colors that give a trendy look to your whole attire.


  1. Made of 100% faux suede
  2. Memory foam insole for extra comfort
  3. High-quality rubber is used for the sole
  4. Available in many colors


  1. The boots fall under the expensive category

6. Lanyani Women’s Vegan Winter Boots

The Lanyani Women’s Vegan Winter Boots are made of microfiber suede upper, which enables these shoes to be very comfortable and provide great durability. These affordable UGGs are vegan and crafted without harming any animal.

These vegan UGG boots keep your feet dry even in heavy snowfall because they are made of waterproof material. This also prevents the boots from any damage caused by water elements in cold temperatures. The thick and soft faux fur lining of these boots keeps your feet warm and offer an all-day-long comfortable experience.

The sole of these UGGs features a great slip-resistant system to ensure more traction. The 0.8-inch TPR outer sole provides great flexibility and durability. These UGGs by Lanyani have a classic look and can be worn with any outfit. It has a mid-calf height with a shaft height of 6 inches. Also, the pull-on design makes it easy to wear and take off.


  1. Microfiber material for extra comfort and great durability
  2. Waterproof design for great convenience
  3. Skid-resistant sole for extra traction
  4. Easy pull-on design


  1. Not good to use during heavy rainfall

7. AMY Four Button Fur Lined Mid-Calf Snow Boots

These cruelty-free UGG boots are made with synthetic faux suede microfiber, which is completely vegan. The four-button design gives an attractive appearance to these boots.

The interior lining of these vegan and cruelty-free UGG boots is crafted from faux fur to give you a warm and cozy experience in cold weather conditions. The smooth stitching details on the outside give a compact and luxurious look. The sole is made of man-made rubber, which makes it an appropriate option for vegans.

The sole also has a skid-resistant system for extra convenience. The insole part of these boots has a thickly padded design for ultimate comfort. AMY Four Button Fur Lined Mid-Calf Snow Boots have a side opening for easy wear and effortless pull off. The wooden button closure allows you to have an adjustable fitting. Also, the elastic band is present with the buttons to ensure great durability.


  1. Skid-resistant sole with the easy-grip system
  2. Wooden button closure with an elastic band
  3. Highly cushioned insole for great warmth and comfort


  1. Does not have a waterproof design

8. Arcopedico Women’s Luana Ankle Boot

These vegan UGGs are made in the USA, which speaks for the quality itself. The high-quality material ensures great comfort and long-lasting performance. The best part of these boots is its sole. The sole of these vegan and cruelty-free UGGs is made of synthetic and polyurethane material that will not get any damage even after a long period.

The sole comes with a twin arch mechanism on a slight wedge to maintain a great comfort in very cold situations. These women’s UGG boots by Arcopedico features a side goring technology which fits perfectly according to your feet shape to give utmost comfort.

Arcopedico Women’s Luana Boot is a great option to go for if you are traveling because it is a lightweight product. These boots are designed to give you very good arch support, so you don’t feel any inconvenience while surfing.


  1. Imported premium quality material
  2. Strong slip-resistant sole for extra convenience
  3. Side goring design ensures a perfect fit
  4. Gives maximum arch support for comfortable wear


  1. Not a very affordable product

9. PAWJ California Short Vegan Fur Lined Boot

This PAWJ California Faux Suede Moccasins in one of the best-reviewed vegan synthetic UGGs. It is made with fake suede and faux to keep your feet warm and comfortable in cold temperatures. And all these materials are completely man-made, which makes them vegan-friendly and cruelty-free UGG boots.

These vegan UGG boots offer a soft and smooth synthetic suede lining to ensure you do not face any friction and have a comfortable experience. These UGGS by PAWJ come with faux shearling and faux fur EVA sole, which provides an easy grip while walking.

Also, the double nylon stitching makes the sole strong and durable. PAWJ California Faux Suede Moccasins are available in bright colors to choose from. They also offer a great size range for women from sizes 5 to 10.


  1. Made of high-quality synthetic suede and faux fur
  2. Comes with a durable and easy-grip EVA sole
  3. Available in different vibrant colors and sizes


  1. Much time is required to clean these boots

10. BEARPAW Elle Tall Vegan Women’s Boot

Bearpaw Vegan UGG boots are great for people who choose fashion first. This 12-inch classic UGG will enhance your style while ensuring great comfort. These boots are made with completely man-made synthetic material, which is what vegans long for.

Also, these boots are cruelty-free. The upper part of the vegan UGG boots is made of vegan micro suede material. It features a slip-resistant rubber sole that has a great grip system. Bearpaw’s boots come with a never-wet technology that gives total protection to your feet as they will not get cold during a heavy snowfall.

The pull-on design is very trendy nowadays, and it ensures easy and comfortable wear. Bearpaw Vegan UGGs provide good traction and keep your feet warm and cozy. This is certainly a good and affordable option if you do not wear UGGs daily.


  1. Great and convenient pull-on design
  2. 12-inch structure for an attractive appearance
  3. Comes with Never-wet technology


  1. Not suitable for daily use

11. Airwalk Women’s Nia Cozy Boot

If you are searching for a vegan UGG alternative made of faux suede, this will be a great buy within a limited price range. Airwalk Women’s Nia Cozy Boot is made using great quality vegan faux suede, which will give you long-lasting comfort.

The material is also very durable to offer great performance in extreme weather situations. These boots feature a soft faux fur lining, which provides the utmost convenience. For extra warmth and comfort, you should choose boots that have a cushioned footbed.

That’s why Airwalk Women’s Nia Cozy Boot comes with a highly padded footbed, which does not cause any discomfort to your feet if you wear them for a long period of time. It also has a flexible outsole design. These vegan UGGs by Airwalk come with adjustable ankle straps to ensure a great fit.


  1. High-quality faux suede material
  2. Highly padded footbed for great comfort
  3. Comes with adjustable ankle straps
  4. Durable product within an affordable price point


  1. It offers less traction, which makes these boots slippery

12. DAWGS Faux Shearling Microfiber Vegan Boot

The vegan UGG boots by DAWGS are manufactured with 100% premium microfiber, which protects your feet from extreme cold temperatures and keeps them warm. The total height of the shoe is approximately 9 inches, with a shaft height of 5.5 inches.

This vegan UGG alternative comes with extra-thick faux fur lining to give you the utmost comfort. The synthetic rubber sole has great slip-resistant technology for an easy grip in the snowfall. The insole part is made of high-quality memory foam for long-lasting usage without any discomfort.

DAWGS Faux Shearling Microfiber Vegan Boot is available in women’s sizes from 5 to 11. However, go for one size up from your actual size if you want your UGGs a bit wider.


  1. Made with 100% microfiber
  2. Anti-slip synthetic rubber sole for a great grip
  3. Thick faux fur lining for extra comfort
  4. Affordable and durable product


  1. Sizes are way too smaller than mentioned

13. Fourever Funky Furry Button Vegan Suede Boots

Fourever Funky Furry Button Vegan Suede Boots are a great option to go for if you’re searching for a vegan alternative UGGs. These are made of synthetic or man-made suede material, which provides maximum comfort in freezing temperatures. Also, suede holds up the warmth for a long time to control your feet’ temperature.

The sole of these cruelty-free UGGs has a strong grip technology that eliminates all the chances of sudden slips when you are walking on snow. Also, the cruelty-free and vegan rubber will ensure that the product lasts long in extreme weather conditions.

UGGs are designed to provide a great fit. So, you don’t have room to wiggle once you wear them. To get this type of amazing fit with the UGG boots by Fourever Funky, you need to buy one, which is just one size larger than your actual shoe size. These boots have a shorter width than the length, so if you buy your real size, it may cause some discomfort.


  1. Vegan suede material guarantees great comfort
  2. Durable and slip-resistant rubber sole
  3. Has a stylish and attractive appearance


  1. Does not offer a comfortable lining


This article has brought all the popular and trustworthy brands which manufacture vegan UGG alternatives within an affordable price range. Because UGG boots are very comfortable, their demand is growing higher and higher day-by-day. When they started making vegan UGGs, the initial choice was PU Leather but then shifted to other man-made products. Check Whether PU leather is vegan or not for your next vegan purchase.

This growing demand is causing and promoting animal killing to a great extent. That’s why it is high time that we go for these brands and use their vegan and cruelty-free UGG boots rather than sheepskin UGGs. Because harming other lives to please humans and make shoes and bags is probably the most brutal crime a man can commit.

These cruelty-free products are made from leather alternatives (like these Vegan designer bags) keeping you away from the guilt of harming a life to feel pleasure in even the slightest sense.

My life literally revolves around optimum health and sustainable living by being a devotional vegan. My mission is to create a community of like minded vegans to go forth in creating a better and brighter world for humans, animals and the planet. Just like Gandhi once said: “The greatness of a nation and it’s moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” – Gandhi

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