Truvani Protein Powder Review

Truvani Protein Powder Review

For most people following a vegan diet, protein is usually a big concern. Amino acids are the building blocks of our body that are ideally obtained from animal sources. Since these animal sources are completely eliminated in a vegan diet- it becomes important for one to look for plant-based substitutes.

Often people opt for plant-based nutritional supplements, as an alternative to animal sources for protein. Not only do these supplements help you have a better diet without meat-based ingredients but also help you achieve your daily protein requirements with ease.

Truvani protein powder is a favorite when it comes to vegan protein powders on the market, and in this article, we elaborate on the Truvani protein powder review- in order to help you get a better understanding of vegan supplements and more.

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What is Truvani Protein Powder?

Truvani Protein Powder Review

Truvani plant based protein powder is an organic vegan protein powder that is NON-GMO as well as Stevia-Free! It is made without fillers, artificial ingredients, preservatives, and additives- ensuring that you get a clean product that offers only nutritional benefits.

Moreover, it is also lactose-free, allowing vegans to build and maintain muscle mass without the need for milk-based products. Its premium ingredients ensure the best taste while avoiding any chalky or grainy texture.

The best part is, this product offers a guarantee like no other- Truvani promises that if any consumer complains about the product, they can avail a full refund, no questions asked! This way, you can taste test this product, before you fall completely in love with it!


  1. Plant-Based Protein
  2. Organic, Vegan
  3. Soy-Free, Gluten-Free
  4. Low in calories at 130, and high in protein at 20 grams
  5. No added sugars or heavy metals


  1. Some say it has a strong aftertaste
  2. More expensive than the average protein powder

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What could Truvani Plant Based Protein Powder help with?

truvani protein powder

Truvani Plant-based protein powder is a great alternative to the tasteless vegan protein powders that are available on the market. A vegan protein powder that not only provides exceptional protein content but great taste- is rare to find. Adding Truvani to your diet will help you achieve your daily protein requirements with ease, and ensure that your body has the energy it needs for muscle mass development.

Moreover, the absence of dairy can also help avoid any bloating or discomfort since it is soy-free and lactose-free. Overall, Truvani plant-based protein powder is a convenient way to improve your protein intake, without cooking through the trouble of unnecessary digestive problems.

Who should use the Truvani Plant-Based Protein Powder?

When you opt for a vegan diet, most protein sources are eliminated since they are animal-based and hence adding a protein powder to the diet becomes crucial. Truvani Plant-Based Protein is the perfect option in such cases because it will not only help you increase your protein intake but is also Non-GMO, stevia-free, and lactose-free, making it perfect for all.

Despite the common misconception that only bodybuilders require supplements like protein powder- almost every vegan opts for a protein powder to ensure their nutritional requirements are met. Moreover, non-vegans can also opt for the Truvani plant-based protein powder to bring some change to their diet and increase their overall health, metabolism, and diet.

Truvani Protein Powder Overview

1. Taste

Truvani Plant-Based Protein Powder comes with some great flavors such as Vanilla, Chocolate, Banana Cinnamon, and Chocolate Peanut Butter– giving everyone a ton of options. Moreover, on their website one can find some amazing reviews ranging from Brownies to Popsicles and Ice cream, that will help you consume the protein powder while ensuring it tastes good!

2. Mixability

Truvani Plant-Based Protein Powder is by far the best in terms of mixability because the ingredients used are premium in quality, ensuring there is no chalky and grainy texture. The powder completely dissolves when mixed vigorously and if mixed using a blender you can produce a smooth-flowing drink.

3. Digestibility

Truvani protein powder is easy to digest because, unlike other plant-based protein powders, Truvani Plant-Based Protein Powder uses pea-protein which is highly bioavailable and easy for the body to absorb.

Truvani Protein Powder Ingredients

Unlike other protein powders, Truvani protein powder does not contain artificial sweeteners, as well as Stevia. The ingredients that are used are both organic as well as vegan-friendly.

Truvani Protein Powder Ingredients

Truvani Plant-Based Protein Powder contains ingredients such as

1. Organic Pea Protein Concentrate:

This contains all nine essential amino acids and is also a great source of branched-chain amino acids such as arginine and leucine which promote muscle growth, healthy blood flow, and heart health. It is also one of the most easily digestible plant-based proteins!

2. Organic Alkalized Cocoa:

Cocoa contains polyphenols that have both antioxidant as well as anti-inflammatory properties, and can improve cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels, and blood flow. Moreover, since it is treated with alkalines- the usual bitterness is eliminated.

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3. Organic Pumpkin Seed Concentrate:

Pumpkin seeds are rich in antioxidants, zinc, iron, magnesium, and contain a sufficient number of calories. It also helps with bladder, prostate, and heart health, making it a great ingredient for the overall health of a person.


4. Organic Monk Fruit Extract:

Monk fruit has great anti-inflammatory properties, among other benefits but a potential downside is a fact that it is a common allergen. One should test for allergic reactions before consuming this protein powder since monk fruit extract is a prominent ingredient.

5. Organic Chia Seed Protein Concentrate:

Since chia seeds are high in fiber, chia seed concentrate helps reduce blood pressure as well as decrease the risk of developing heart disease as much as possible!

Truvani Protein Powder Flavors

Unlike other vegan protein powders, which are only available in the classic protein powder flavor, Truvani protein powder offers a variety of options, including banana cinnamon, chocolate, peanut butter, and vanilla. These flavors are not only delicious but allow you to use the protein powder to come with new delicious recipes as well.

1. Chocolate

Truvani Plant Based Protein Powder Chocolate Flavor

The chocolate flavor is a favorite because it will satisfy your sweet tooth while being healthy and nutritional. It has no weird aftertaste and blends into everything with ease. 

This flavor is made up of organic pea protein concentrate, organic alkalized cocoa, organic vanilla powder, organic chia seed protein extract, organic pumpkin seed protein concentrate, and Luo Han Guo (also known as “monk fruit”).

2. Banana Cinnamon

Truvani Plant Based Protein Powder Banana Cinnamon Flavor

This taste combines the flavors of banana (check vegan status) and cinnamon perfectly, without either being too overwhelming. It provides the deliciousness of a  smoothie while being free of soy, gluten, and dairy.

Just like the chocolate flavor, it is made up of organic pea protein concentrate, organic alkalized cocoa, organic vanilla powder, organic chia seed protein extract, organic pumpkin seed protein concentrate, and monk fruit.

3. Chocolate Peanut Butter

Truvani Plant Based Protein Powder Chocolate Peanut Butter Flavor

Without the chalky or grainy texture, Truvani manages to provide a perfect blend of both chocolate and peanut butter.

With great taste and texture, this flavor too has the same base ingredients as the other two, and uses no additional fillers, preservatives, additives, or artificial colors!

4. Vanilla

Truvani Plant Based Protein Powder Vanilla Flavor

Truvani is able to provide the classic and authentic vanilla flavor while still staying gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free.

It uses the same ingredients, and its smoothness and basic nature- are what appeals to most that opt for the original vanilla flavor.

Truvani Protein Powder Nutritional Facts

Truvani plant based protein powder does not contain fillers, preservatives, additives, or artificial flavors. All of the ingredients present are USDA Certified Organic and have passed the Prop 65 Heavy Metal Test.

The following is the nutritional breakdown of various Truvani protein powder flavors-

(1 Scoop – 33g)
(1 Scoop – 31g)
Peanut Butter
(1 Scoop – 36g)
(1 Scoop – 29g)
Calories130140 150 130
Total Fat3g (4%)3g (4%) 4g (5%) 3g (4%)
Cholesterol 0mg (0%)0mg (0%) 0mg (0%) 0mg (0%)
Sodium220mg (10%)220mg (10%) 220mg (10%) 220mg (10%)
Carbohydrate5g (2%)7g (3%) 6g (2%) 5g (2%)
Protein20g (27%)20g (28%) 21g (27%) 20g (28%)

How and When to Consume the Truvani Plant-Based Protein Powder

Protein powders are convenient, quick, and also filling. The Truvani plant-based Protein powder can be utilized in a variety of ways. The most common way to use this product is to mix it with water to make a high-protein beverage.

However, if you want to experiment, there are some great reviews on the official Truvani website ranging from pancakes to golden milk. To know the best amount for your consumption, either check the complete product instructions and nutritional label or consult a professional.

And for all those thinking “where can I buy Truvani Protein Powder”, you can purchase it directly from its website, affiliates, or third-party sellers like Amazon.

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When you switch completely to a plant-based diet, meeting your nutritional requirements can be challenging. However vegan protein powders are a great alternative to increasing one’s protein intake without turning to animal-based sources.

Truvani plant-based protein powder is the ultimate vegan protein powder to opt for, that is tasty, affordable, and high-quality. There’s no denying that their formulae are not only the best in the market but check all the boxes including being stevia-free, soy-free, lactose-free as well as vegan, ensuring that you get the best of the best!

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