A Guide To Vegan And Cruelty-Free Baby Products

A Guide to Vegan and Cruelty-free Baby Products

The vegan and cruelty-free movement are about more than just what you put in your body. It’s about how you treat animals, the planet, and even your own body.

As a vegan, you’re probably already well aware of the many reasons why you should avoid animal products in your personal life:

  • Because they are unethical to animals.
  • Because they are bad for the environment.
  • Because they can be harmful to your own health.

But when it comes to raising children as a level 5 vegan, these ethical concerns extend beyond just what goes into their mouths! It’s about their Overall Health. We know how hard it is to raise a child, especially during the early phase. From finding the right vegan baby formula to products used for babies, you need to be careful as a vegan parent.

Because there are products in the market that misguide their customers by claiming that their products are vegan. As a parent, you need to choose products from reliable and trustworthy companies.

That’s why today we’ve put together this guide to vegan baby products that will make your life easier and your baby happier.Babies deserve products made with love and care that do not contain animal byproducts – that aren’t tested on animals or produced using cruel processes.

The same goes for children’s beauty products: they need to be free of toxins and ingredients that could harm sensitive skin or be absorbed into their bodies through the application.

Vegan baby products aren’t just for vegans. They’re for people who want to be the best parents they can be.

 What Are Vegan Baby Products?

Vegan products are made without animal ingredients or byproducts. It is a growing market, with many parents opting for vegan products over those containing animal products. It is important to note that vegan does not mean organic or non-GMO; it simply means that no animal products were used in the making of these products.

People choose to use these products because they are against animal cruelty and for the environment. There are many benefits to using vegan baby products. Since there is no animal testing involved, it means that you won’t have to worry about any chemicals being used on your child’s skin or hair which could cause irritation or rashes on sensitive skin areas such as cheeks or around the eyes.

What Are Cruelty-Free Products?

Cruelty-free products are items that were not tested on animals.

Cruelty-free products have been a huge trend in the cosmetics industry over the past several years. Many companies have switched to cruelty-free, and many more are following suit. I have analyzed a bunch of such cosmetic brands regarding their vegan status.

Many companies indulge in testing cosmetics and products on animals where animals are subjected to painful experiments. These experiments can include exposing them to chemicals that are meant to irritate or burn their skin, which results in severe pain and suffering for these innocent creatures.

In addition to being cruel and unnecessary, animal testing has also been shown to be unreliable: tests on animals do not necessarily result from humans experiencing similar reactions when using products themselves. In fact, many chemicals considered safe based on animal testing were later banned by the FDA because of harmful effects on humans.

With all of these reasons why you should avoid using animal-tested products—and even more reasons why you should use cruelty-free ones!—you should consider making the switch today!

Top Vegan And Cruelty-Free Vegan Baby Product Brands

Certified Vegan
A Guide To Vegan And Cruelty-Free Baby Products Coconut Baby Oil Organic Moisturizer By Coconut Essentials
Check Price
FDA Approved
A Guide To Vegan And Cruelty-Free Baby Products Baby Bum Duke’s Rad Bath Set By Sun Bum
Check Price
3 A Guide To Vegan And Cruelty-Free Baby Products The Honest Company Baby Wipes By Honest
Check Price
4 A Guide To Vegan And Cruelty-Free Baby Products Maty’s All Natural Multipurpose Baby Ointment By Matys
Check Price
5 A Guide To Vegan And Cruelty-Free Baby Products Elkie & Co.Leather Diaper Nappy Changing Pad Mat By Elkie & Co.
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1. Coconut Baby Oil Organic Moisturizer

You’ve probably heard about coconut oil’s many benefits, but did you know that coconut oil can be used on babies?

I have used this Coconut Essentials Baby Coconut Oil for my baby’s hair to his skin. It’s made with only the highest quality organic cold-pressed coconut oil, sunflower oil, and grape seed oil.

This natural moisturizer is safe for all ages and perfect for everyday use. The Baby Coconut Oil helps protect the skin naturally by loosening build-up and moisturizing the baby’s scalp.

It also worked well for soothing and prevented babies’ skin from becoming red and irritated. It is a Cruelty-free oil. This product comes in a 4-ounce container (pack of 1).


  1. It can be used for Extra sensitive skin
  2. No Chemicals are been used 
  3. Works well for acne, cradle cap and eczema


  1. A bit Pricey  
  2. Might melt at high temperature

2. Baby Bum Duke’s Rad Bath Set

When you have a baby, bath time is not just a chore—it’s an adventure!

That’s why we I used Baby Bum Duke’s Rad Bath Gift Set: so as to bring the joy and wonder into my little one’s bathtime routine while still providing them with gentle skin care products that are safe for their sensitive skin.

This 4-piece gift set features Duke’s rad bath time favorites: Bubble Bath, Gel Shampoo & Wash, Calming Lotion, and a limited edition Duke bath toy.

All of these products have been formulated specifically for kids’ delicate skin by pediatricians and dermatologists to provide gentle yet effective care for all skin types.

The bubble bath is vegan, cruelty-free, and dye-free, while the gel wash & shampoo is a vegan baby shampoo. It is also free from parabens, sulfates, and silicones. This set is the perfect way to set the mood for bath time.


  1. All Natural ingredient in the set
  2. Non irritant
  3. Safe for sensitive skin 
  4. Great for Eczema 


  1. Fragrance does not last long
  2. Watery consistency in lotion

3. The Honest Company Baby Wipes

Soft and gentle, yet durable enough to handle any mess!. The Honest Company Baby Wipes are the softest, most gentle wipes I ever came across.

These are 100% plant-based, which means they’re made from ingredients that are good for the baby and the planet and won’t irritate your skin.

They’re extra-large, thick, and soft so and they’re so gentle that it even works for my sensitive skin and I often use it.

This product is dermatologist-tested and hypoallergenic, so it’s safe to use on sensitive areas of baby’s body—even if you have a condition like eczema or psoriasis.

This is a Cruelty-free baby wipe; plus it’s free from alcohol and chlorine processing, so it won’t cause dryness or irritation like some other brands do.


  1. Totally odorless
  2. Durable and Gentle on sensitive skin
  3. Right amount of Moist


  1. Contains Chemicals and Preservatives
  2. Dispensing is challenging

4. Maty’s All Natural Multipurpose Baby Ointment

Babies skin become dry espically during winters. That’s why it is important to use best natural baby ointment to protect your baby’s skin from dryness and keeping it hydrated all the time.

when I used this Maty’s All Natural Multipurpose cream on my baby it protected my baby’s skin from dryness also this cream is all-natural, petroleum-free, and fragrance-free.

Maty’s All Natural Multipurpose Baby Ointment is made from a moisturizing combination of coconut oil, jojoba oil, and Vitamin E, creating a protective barrier that keeps your baby’s sensitive skin hydrated without allowing wetness irritation.

It’s also cloth diaper safe and great for cradle cap or chapped lips. Each of their products are drug-free and derived from ingredients that you know every well.


  1. Made with Natural Ingredients
  2. Keep diaper rash at bay
  3. No Fragrance 


  1. Not a very great packaging
  2. Leave Residues

5. Elkie & Co.Leather Diaper Nappy Changing Pad Mat

Elkie & Co.Leather Diaper Nappy Changing Pad Mat is made from premium vegan leather that matches with any bags of mine. I keep it in my diaper bag or at home on the counter.

It has a textured material that gives nice grip, my baby doesn’t go sliding around while I am changing his diaper. The mat folds up nicely and is small, it easily fits in my bag without taking up too much space.

But here’s the best part: the mat is water-resistant, so when things get messy (and they do get), I am able to easily wipe off any spills and keep everything clean. Cleaning the mat is also easy I use a mild soap and damp cloth—and let it dry completely before folding it back up!


  1. Super easy to clean
  2. Easily Foldable
  3. Great for travelling


  1. Strong Odor

6. Pipette Calming Bathtime Duo

Pipette Calming Bathtime Duo is designed in such a way that it soothes and relaxes my little one when I bathe him. The gentle, tear-free Baby Shampoo & Wash cleanses hair and skin without drying or irritation, leaving his skin soft and smooth.

The hypoallergenic, everyday Baby Lotion is a moisturizing superhero it gives instant, long-lasting hydration and helps restore the natural balance of babies’ skin.

And because all of their formulas are rigorously tested to ensure they’re gentle and safe for babies, made with renewable squalane from sugarcane rather than palm oil, cruelty-free, EWG (Environmental Working Group) Verified, free of synthetic fragrances, and free of synthetic preservatives.

I am rest assured that no matter what skin sensitivities might arise in my little one’s future, I’ll be able to rely on Pipette products to provide them with the softest skin possible!


  1. Calms skin rashes
  2. Non irritant and gentle
  3. Reasonable Price


  1. Strong Fragrance

7.  California Baby Calendula Moisturizing Cream

This luxurious lotion features a beautiful, light scent of French lavender and clary sage. Formulated with essential oils, this cream is gentle and vegan-friendly.

A pure baby moisturizing cream, it’s soy, gluten, oat, dairy, and nut-free (except coconut) to making it safe and gentle on the face, body, and sensitive bottoms of my baby. It provides soothing hydration that lasts all day long, thanks to plant-based emollients and organic Aloe Vera.


  1. Works great for acne bumps, redness, dryness, peeling
  2. Smells great
  3. Non-greasy


  1. Little pricey

8. California Baby Calming Bedtime Stick

kids are always getting into trouble and my kid is no different. And when he gets into trouble, he usually ends up getting hurt.

That’s why I use this Moisture Stick—to help keep my little ones’ skin feeling soft and supple no matter what kind of trouble he finds himself in.

California Baby’s Calendula and Cocoa Butter Moisture Stick is a tiny, portable, pocket-sized balm so I take it anywhere—from my purse to the glove box of my car.

It’s enriched with pure calendula extract and cocoa butter, so it helps restore skin softness, diminish redness, and improve firmness. And it smells great too!

The natural support is perfect for relieving pain from minor scratches, soothing light sun damage, or chapped lips and the best part is even I use it sometimes as it safe for adults also.

It has a subtle, revitalizing fragrance infused with tea tree essential oils and lightly scented with eucalyptus—it helps kids relax and refocus while they enjoy the healing powers of this incredible formula.


  1. Relieves skin irritation
  2. Gentle and calming


  1. Strong Fragrance
  2. Quantity is less

9. Gerber Good Start Plant-Based Protein

Giving your baby a good start is important. Gerber Good Start vegan baby powder is a nutrient-rich formula designed to provide a delicious and gentle plant-based protein solution for babies who need non-dairy milk solutions.

The lactose-free formula provides plant-based protein along with Calcium & Vitamin D for strong bones & teeth & DHA for brain & eye development.

It’s also made with probiotics that help supports my baby’s digestive system. It is a Cruelty-free baby powder.

Baby’s nutritional needs evolve over time; That’s why I trust the Gerber Good Start line, they are made in such a way that it comforts the baby’s tummy & it is also available in a range of products to suit the baby’s nutritional needs at every stage.

You might think that you need to feed this formula with dairy milk in order to ensure complete nourishment. But no need to worry as there are various milk alternatives for babies that I use which give almost same nourishment in terms of dairy milk.


  1. Plant-based
  2. Good for constipation


  1. Bit pricey


When you become a parent, you are responsible for your children’s health. That means everything from making sure they have a healthy diet to making sure they get enough sleep.

But one thing that most parents don’t realize is that the products they use on their babies can also affect their health. Many commercial baby care products contain animal ingredients like wool, leather, or lanolin.

These ingredients may not be harmful in small amounts, but repeated exposure to them can cause allergies and sensitivities in infants. The best way to do this is by providing them with vegan products.

These products will help ensure that your newborn baby receives all the nutrients they need to grow into healthy adults.The first few years of your baby’s life are the most important. Let’s make sure they’re healthy, happy, and cruelty-free!

Frequently Asked Questions

Johnson & Johnson is not cruelty-free. Johnson & Johnson has been making products for over a century, and they are still researching on animals. They have done and continue to do animal testing to ensure that their products are safe for human use.

Huggies is a popular brand of diapers, but this company is not cruelty-free. In fact, they are owned by Kimberly-Clark, which tests on animals. In addition to this, Huggies does not have an official stance against animal testing.

Mustela is a cruelty-free brand you can trust. They don’t believe in animal testing. That’s why all their products are developed without it. They only use ingredients that have been proven safe and laboratory tests all of the products before they go to the market to ensure that they’re not harmful to you or your baby.

Pampers is not Cruelty-free because they are owned by Procter & Gamble, which is not Cruelty-free. Pampers has been in the business of animal testing for decades. They have also worked with China to develop new products that are tested on animals, like the Mommy’s Touch disposable diaper wipes for newborns with sensitive skin that are sold in China.

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