How to Make Vegan Puff Pastry

vegan puff pastry recipe

Puff pastry – the name is enough to leave mouth watering. Such is the craze for this item which has actually found its place in almost every corner of the world. The concept of puff pastry became popular in France and then went on to be popular all over the world. But, like most baked dishes contain animal by-products or animal-derived ingredients, makes most vegans worry before enjoying the delicacy.

Traditionally, only flour, water and butter were used as puff pastry ingredients. And, in Middle Eastern countries, they called it Phyllo which was made from flour, water, oil, vinegar (check balsamic vinegar vegan status) and sometimes egg yolk. But, with increase in the number of brands coming up with puff pastries, they have started with a number of puff pastries varieties.

Puff Pastry – Vegan or Not?

What is Puff Pastry? – It is a light-weight snack that can be served as an appetizer or as side dish with the main course. It is a bit flaky and crunchy snack that has both sweet as well savory tastes, hence, can be served with any meal or with any beverage. Various gluten free vegan puff pastry brands bake amazing puff pastries, focusing on both, taste and texture. 

Is Puff Pastry Vegan?


Yes, the basic version of Puff Pastries is vegan by the ingredients discussed above. But, as a variety of brands manufacture it, different flavors of puff pastries have come up. So before purchasing any puff pastry flavor, it is advisable to check the puff pastry ingredients. Below you can find a healthy vegan puff pastry recipe to prepare it at home.

Vegan Puff Pastry Recipe

vegan puff pastry recipe

Vegan Puff Pastry Recipe

Tully Zander, the VeganFirstTully Zander
For many vegan friends that I have, this dish is one of the few dishes which go into the menu twice a week. This dish does not involve a lot of ingredients and is super quick and easy to make. Following is the list of puff pastry ingredients you will require along with the recipe to make the vegan puff pastry.
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Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes
Course Recipe
Servings 2
Calories 77 kcal


  • 1 cup All-Purpose Flour
  • 1 & 1/2 cup Bread Flour
  • 1 tsp Salt
  • 120 g Vegan Butter
  • 1 L Ice Cold Water
  • 2 tsp Lemon Juice (Optional)
  • 1/4 cup Vegan Shortening (Can use Crisco, check its vegan status in this post)


  • Take a medium-sized mixing bowl (or any other vessel of your choice) and add the all-purpose flour, bread flour and salt in the vessel. Gently keep whisking and make sure there are no lumps created.
  • After appropriate whisking, slowly add all the ice cold water and about 1 teaspoon of lemon juice.
    homemade vegan tortillas
  • Mix all the ingredients well and make a perfect vegan puff pastry dough.
  • Give the dough shape of a ball and with the help of a butter knife, cut an X shape on the top of the dough. Cover the dough up with plastic wrap and refrigerate it for 3-4 hours.
  • Take another medium-sized mixing bowl and add vegan butter (you may use a vegan variant of Smart Balance Buttery Spread), vegan shortening and all-purpose flour. Mix them well until formed in a mixture.
  • Keep the obtained mixture in a plastic wrap and give it the shape of a square. Refrigerate the butter square for at least 1-2 hours.
  • Take your previously prepared dough and place it on a floured surface. Prepare your dough into a square-shape (bigger than the vegan butter) and roll it 3-4 times from all sides.
    dairy free puff pastry
  • Now take your vegan butter and place it diagonally on the prepared dough
  • Using your hands, fold the dough from all 4 sides as if you are wrapping a gift. The obtained product will be another square covered with dough all around. Make sure to pinch the dough from all sides to seal properly
    low fat puff pastry
  • Roll the final dough gently starting from the center and keep rolling until it becomes a not so thin layer
  • Fold the dough in a three-layer fold and cut the three-layered dough into desired pieces
    organic puff pastry
  • Refrigerate for another hour and bake them at 180 degrees for 15-20 minutes. And your vegan pastries are ready!


Serving: 10gCalories: 77kcalCarbohydrates: 6gProtein: 2.4gFat: 15gSaturated Fat: 5gSodium: 106mgSugar: 0gVitamin A: 0IUVitamin C: 0mgCalcium: 0mgIron: 0mg
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You can share this Low Fat Vegan Puff Pastry Recipe with your friends and relatives and let them know the secret to a pleasant evening. Also, the recipe shared with you is an organic gluten free vegan puff pastry recipe, so you don’t need to worry about how you can stay healthy.

Key Points To Remember

  1. After mixing the ingredients, make sure to quickly knead the dough so that it gives itself enough time to tighten.
  2. If the dough is initially too wet, you can add a bit of all-purpose flour to get the desired result.
  3. Always cover the dough with plastic wrap before refrigerating it. 
  4. To make your puffs crunchier, roll the final dough 3 more times to get a whole lot of crunchy layers.
  5. You can roll the final dough to whatever shape you want (we have shaped them rectangle in this recipe), just make sure to roll it enough so as to get crunchy layers.
  6. Using lemon juice is optional. Using it will just give you it some flavor.


Now you have another great vegan recipe along with vegan oyster mushrooms, vegan onion soup and many more. And now, vegan puff pastry recipe which can be added in your bakery skills. Use this healthy vegan puff pastry recipe as a perfect excuse to try and practice your hands. Enjoy this Vegan Puff Pastry with your evening tea.

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    These instructions are not thoroughly checked- how much ice water is incorrect and they repeat all purpose flour instead of distinction between bread flour.

    1. Apologies for the inconvenience, Hannah!
      The quantity of water, as written in the ingredients, is 1 L for 1 cup of all purpose flour and 1-1/2 cup of bread flour.
      The distinction between the two kinds of flours has also been made clear now!

  2. Instructions #1 says to mix AP flour, bread flour, and salt. #2 says to ad 1L water and lemon juice. Per #3 there should be a perfect dough. Instructions #5 says to mix butter, shortening, and AP flour to form a second mixture (the laminating mixture I suppose) but, if I have followed the ingredients list AND instructions #1, I’ve already used all the flours and butter. There are no remaining ingredients (additional AP flour and butter) from the ingredients list to make the laminating mixture. Please, advise.

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