10 Vegan Shoes Brands to Shop from in 2023

Vegan Boots Brands

While the world continuously moves towards looking for sustainable alternatives to all its processes, the fashion industry (or, more specifically, the footwear industry) is one of the first sectors to actively begin looking for cruelty-free alternatives to everything ranging from their manufacturing process to their packaging. 

This is for a good reason as well – while one enjoys their hauls for boots and other footwear from their favorite shoes brands, they are largely unaware of what practices the brand employs during their manufacturing process. 

It is time to actively seek answers from best shoes brands in terms of where they source their materials from and the treatment of their workers – and it is the responsibility of these boots brands to be transparent about their practices. 

Luckily, in the desire for sustainability, some shoes brands have been more proactive than others. Here is a list of vegan shoes brands you can shop from to begin your sustainability journey by practicing guilt-free shopping.

10 Vegan Boots Brands to Shop from in 2023

1. Beyond Skin 

Vegan Boots Brands

Beyond Skin prides itself on being one of the best vegan shoes brands in terms of environmental consequences and where they source their materials from.

For instance, they employ the usage of polyester fabrics rather than opting for viscose, and also use polyurethane instead of the more harmful PVC to make their leather. They also guarantee that their manufacturing process is completely ethical and not outsourced for exploitatory sources

In terms of products, Beyond Skin makes a variety of boots in minimalistic shades – ranging from faux leather to suede – as well as in a variety of lengths, such as knee-high boots to ankle-length boots. 

2. Ethletic

Vegan Boots Brands

A brand based in Germany, Ethletic firmly believes in sourcing its materials in a fair and ethical way, in compliance with various standards of sustainability such as the FSC and Fairtrade.

For instance, they use natural latex milk instead of using harmful synthetic adhesive in order to bind the components of their vegan shoes together – ranging from trainers to sneakers in a variety of muted shades. 

The cotton they outsource from farms is under the careful scrutiny of the Fairtrade principles, with the farmers getting guaranteed compensation with an additional bonus from Ethletic as well. Lastly, the manufacturing of their shoes is undertaken in countries such as Pakistan, wherein the workers receive a premium for each sale that they can collectively channel into healthcare or educational practices. 

3. Bhava

Vegan Boots Brands

Right of the bat, Bhava is one of the popular vegan boots brands that shuns the usage of animal leather in any way. While their boots sport the sleek look and the shine of leather, their vegan leather boots come in a variety of irresistible looks.

With wooden heels, cork, and suede linings for maximum comfort, Bhava also tries to negate the “necessary” discomfort that modern fashion brings with itself.

All their operations are out of Spain and Mumbai, wherein the workers work closely with the company to ensure no exploitation occurs in terms of toxic fumes typically associated with tanneries.  

4. Matt & Nat

Vegan Boots Brands

Yet another vegan shoes brand that believes firmly in not using animal leather for their production, Matt & Nat is passionate about their workers’ working conditions and rights – making sure that they communicate regularly with factory owners to ensure maximum transparency. 

They also employ the usage of polyurethane instead of PVC, reducing the strain on the environment that the latter, unfortunately, causes – additionally, they have also brought into use PVB or polyvinyl butyral for an entire collection. 

They also use recycled water bottle plastic for the linings of their bags and have begun to experiment with fruit skin in order to test out its durability. More and more vegan shoes brands are increasingly finding innovative and ethical alternatives to leather. This roundup of vegan designer bags displays this very fact in full legitimacy. In terms of vegan boots, they have monochromatic, color-blocked selections in both mid-heels and flats.

5. Noah

Vegan Boots Brands

With comfortable shoes that use microsuede to manufacture their insoles, the vegan boots brand firmly believes that fashion in no way should be cruel to the environment or individuals involved in manufacturing their products

They take special care to work with organizations that understand their sustainability vision and do not use animal-based leather or any other animal products for their operations.

All their products ranging from sandals to other shoes, are vegan and have been certified by PETA to be 100% cruelty-free.

6. Sydney Brown

Vegan Boots Brands

In terms of boots, a brand specializing mostly in high and low ankle boots has a sustainability philosophy that ensures minimal damage done to the environment in terms of manufacturing and production. 

All their products are sourced ethically and are made from non-animal sources (such as their adhesives), and they attempt to conserve as many environmental resources and water as possible in their manufacturing processes. 

Additionally, their recycling program enables customers to give back their used shoes and bags for recycling and making new soles. Their manufacturing takes place in Portugal, and the working conditions are pristine with the advent of technology that creates the least strain on the environment.

7. Rafa

Vegan Boots Brands

The driving force of sustainability at Rafa is the fact that they manufacture all their products with the help of recycled plastic and PET bottles. They have a strong closed-loop manufacturing system, essentially meaning that none of their waste is dumped into the environment. Instead, 

Rafa firmly believes in making the best out of this waste and utilizing it. With a variety of shades in both knee-high and ankle-high varieties, Rafa’s boots add a pop of color to your outfit while allowing for guilt-free shopping at the same time.

8. Taylor + Thomas

Vegan Boots Brands

A brand brought to life by two headstrong environmentalists, Taylor + Thomas, believes in complete transparency about sourcing their materials.

Getting their wood from FSC certified means and having their soles made from castor beans, bio-oil, and recycled rubber, Taylor + Thomas has left no stone unturned to strive for true sustainability. 

They also partnered with NativeEnergy and donated their profits to environmental causes. With a regal collection of boots, Taylor + Thomas has made quite the niche for itself in terms of pop-y ankle boots as statement pieces.

9. Allkind

Vegan Boots Brands

A British-based vegan shoes brand, Allkind is a brand dead-set on fully going vegan in both their manufacturing and marketing approaches. Everything from their business cards to packaging is carefully made from recycled goods so as to reduce environmental strain, with most of their operations being conducted in Spain with the works being paid fairly higher than the minimum wage. 

As mentioned, they use recycled polyester as well as ethically sourced rubber and cotton.

They make sure that all their materials are free from solvents and are water-based. With their products ranging from flat ankle-length boots to knee-high block heels, they firmly believe that sustainability does not have to lose out on fashion in any way.

10. Call It Spring

Vegan Boots Brands

Last on vegan shoes brands list, Call It Spring makes use of a variety of materials in their quest to be sustainable. Going from using soy ink free of harmful chemicals for their packaging to putting handles on their shoeboxes, Call It Spring aspires to be fully vegan by this year

They have also come up with the innovative technology of utilizing old mattresses to make their insoles. They’ve been waste-free for years and are now fully climate neutral in terms of not releasing harmful emissions into the environment. As for their products have a full arsenal of minimalistic color palettes with the occasional shimmery pieces to cater to all tastes.

Summing Up 

If you’ve been contemplating getting your first pair of vegan boots or have just wanted to explore the newest and best vegan shoes brands in terms of sustainable practices, then hopefully, this comprehensive list and detailed account of popular vegan boots brands and their sustainability philosophies helped. 

A common trend to observe here is the fact that luxury fashion should in no way be the dealbreaker for sustainable practices – it is quite possible to be ethical in terms of manufacturing and employment when it comes to the production of fashion. By shopping from any of these vegan shoes brands, you’re taking another small albeit meaningful step towards sustainability.

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