Best Men’s Vegan Shoes & Sneaker in 2023

Best Vegan Shoe & Sneaker Brands For Men

For someone who has been choosing branded wear for years, can tell you the distinct smell of leather in shoes and other clothing. If you think that animal hide is the only non-vegan item used to manufacture shoes, you will flinch from knowing that the fur and adhesive used in them could be animal-sourced too. Even the fat tissues of some animals, utilized in preparing hardened materials and colors, discard a number of sets as the non-vegan shoes for men.

But why should we consider purchasing men’s vegan shoes?

The answer is simple- Environment! Vegan shoes for men are not only cruelty-free but also highly concerned with sustainable manufacturing. Below in this article you will find a detailed insight of some of the best vegan sneakers for men’s.

Best Men’s Vegan Shoes (Vegan Sneakers)

1st Place
Best Men's Vegan Shoes & Sneaker in 2023 Vans Authentic Core Classic Sneakers By Vans
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Best Value
Best Men's Vegan Shoes & Sneaker in 2023 ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 26 By ASICS
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3 Best Men's Vegan Shoes & Sneaker in 2023 Saucony Originals Jazz Low Pro Vegan Sneaker By Saucony Originals
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4 Best Men's Vegan Shoes & Sneaker in 2023 Altama OTB Maritime Assault Fin Friendly Boots By Altama
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5 Best Men's Vegan Shoes & Sneaker in 2023 New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam 1080 V9 By New Balance
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1. Vans Authentic Core Classic Vegan Sneakers

Classics never go out of fashion. Nor do they go out of use that quickly. One of the primary factors associated with vegan sneakers is their durability and longevity. The lesser waste you generate while opting for cruelty-free products, the better you do for the environment.

Made of Canvas with a rubber sole, Vans Authentic Core Classic Vegan Sneakers are among the most affordable vegan shoes for men in casual wear. No matter if you wish to match it up with your jackets or office wear, these classics vegan sneakers would never disappoint your style statement.


  1. Classic Vegan Sneakers
  2. Slightly cushioned insole
  3. Made of Canvas upper, Metal eyelets, and rubber sole
  4. Comfortable and breathable
  5. Great for flat feet
  6. Available in half sizes


  1. Gives blisters when not wear with socks at the beginning
  2. It may feel a little loose to the heels if not laced up properly

2. ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 26 (4E)

Looking for a pair of men’s vegan shoes for fast running and intense athletic performance? You may not want to miss out on the ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 26.

Empowered by GEL technology to the feet and high-density shock absorption to the rear, these running vegan shoes are designed to improve bounce and comfort. Besides improving stability, these vegan tennis shoes offer exceptional rebounding and cushioning.

Featuring synthetic build, foam sole, and rubber sponge, these vegan tennis shoes are cruelty-free in its manufacturing. The DUOMAX midsole, made of organic nano-fibers, offers smooth overpronation control by combining two different density materials to reduce flat feet and bunions’ risk.


  1. Durable and comfortable vegan tennis shoes
  2. EVA sock liner for rebound and cushioning
  3. contoured midsole to help control torsion
  4. Gives bounce and spring to your step
  5. Vibrant new design in a wide range of sizes
  6. Foam sole, organic midsole, synthetic upper- Vegan friendly
  7. Reflective detailing for visibility after dark


  1. Little expensive
  2. It May take time to develop familiarity
  3. Reviews complain about the front toe hitting shoebox

3. Saucony Originals Jazz Low Pro Vegan Sneakers

Your vegan running shoes need not dent your pocket alarmingly! If you are a vegan fitness enthusiast, looking for brands that authenticate the vegan status of their shoes for men, Saucony Originals Jazz Low Pro Vegan Sneakers is your right destination.

These classic retro men’s vegan shoes can also be your casual vegan sneakers to house parties and cafe trips.These vegan sneakers for men are made of hemp and canvas, which has greater breathability than PVC or certain synthetics. The rubber sole is resistant to quick tear.

The Saucony trademark commits a superior fit, feel, and performance to the buyers. Its Advanced Grid technology, the first sole-based stability, and cushioning system provide an advantage to athletes of all types.


  1. Affordable vegan shoes
  2. Classic retro shoe design
  3. Saucony trademark for quality
  4. Supports biomechanics of any athlete
  5. Insole cushioning and forefeet support
  6. Half-sizes available


  1. Reviewers complain about the fabric above the toe wearing out
  2. The canvas is less durable

4. Altama OTB Maritime Assault Fin Friendly Boots

You may be too sportive for vegan running shoes to ensure your activities. What may fit your adventurous spirit could be the perfect vegan boots for men.

When we say best, we do bring you the best! Altama OTB Maritime Assault Fin Friendly Vegan Boots for men comes from a brand that is used by Navy SEALs and Special Forces.

These vegan boots are proven to have won the hearts of the men and women who guard our national and personal safety. Besides battle-proven performance, these vegan boots are designed in a non-metallic fashion to attract a great deal of attention at the airport!

The only thing you need to be careful about is the blisters caused by military shoes in the beginning.


  1. High craftsmanship
  2. Slip-resistant SEAL Rubber sole
  3. Rubber reinforced toe for safety
  4. Nonmetallic vents for water drainage and breathability
  5. Ultron PU water-resistant sole
  6. Compatible with military dive fins


  1. Flat and less arch-support
  2. Narrow-fit
  3. People complain that the vents don’t prevent the entry of water
  4. Expensive

5. New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam 1080 V9

Love to have some extra support and cushioning in vegan shoes while going about your day? The comfort of New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam 1080 V9 is unmatched.

No matter if you are an athlete or a person who spends a lot of time standing and working outdoors. These vegan shoes for men are meant to connect you to your right balance.

Since the shoes are 100% assured synthetic, you can safely add them to your list of best vegan shoes for men. Besides the reasonable pricing, the efficacy of ortholite sock liner, engineered mesh, and bootie construction of these affordable vegan shoes are worth looking forward to.


  1. Fresh foam midsole
  2. Most comfortable vegan shoes
  3. Permits athletic activity
  4. Suitable for regular use
  5. Breathable and shock-absorbent  material
  6. Engineered Mesh
  7. Bootie Construction


  1. Over cushioning not ideal for weightlifting
  2. The geometry is not ideal for people with Achilles issue
  3. Narrower sole so the bunions may press out against the mesh fabric

6. TIOSEBON Men’s Slip-on Vegan Sneakers

Here’s something for the ones always on the go! Tiosebon men’s slip-on shoes have a knit elastic upper with an MD sole to accommodate your feet and offer a lightweight experience.

If you have a relative dislike for heeled soles and want to own flat vegan sneakers that give you a lightweight experience with enhanced breathability – you would love these vegan sneakers pairs!

These casual sneakers styled vegan shoes for men are inspired by the ideas of travel, art, and people who are closely associated with the fashion and loathing industry.

Designed to fit various outfits and activities around your area, these vegan white sneakers could be your most empowering wear across any season.

This is one of the most comfortable vegan shoes suitable for older and elderly people. The rubber sole and full feet coverage prevent accidental trip and fall.


  1. Available in half sizes.
  2. Breathable and well-perforated knit-upper
  3. Elastic MD sole
  4. Vegan sneakers for casual wear
  5. Flexible in use
  6. Affordable


  1. Not meant for high-intensity activities
  2. A few customers are aversive of the stretchy upper material

7. Onitsuka Tiger Lace-Up Fashion Vegan Sneakers

A performance-driven athletic shoe that can suit technical sports need not be denting your pocket heavily! Onitsuka Tiger Lace-Up Fashion Vegan White Sneakers by ASICS is made for fitness enthusiasts who prefer lightweight shoes.

It is also the perfect carry-along men’s vegan shoes for vacations and travel sports where you might have to take up long walks despite a humid and scorchy environment.

It offers excellent breathability and provides utmost comfort! These vegan shoes for men are ethically manufactured with synthetic substances.

You can literally wear them anywhere and sport that athletic fashion. These are meant to drive compelling compliments to your wardrobe choices and trust me all reviewers agree to it!

However, it gives you a more flat experience and little to no heel height in the sole. If you prefer lesser elevation in shoes and cherish a more sturdy stand on the ground, go for it!


  1. Lightweight shoes
  2. Fashionable and trendy
  3. Casual to light walking use
  4. Affordable vegan shoes
  5. Greater grip


  1. Not for high-intensity
  2. Little to no arch support
  3. More of a wardrobe unit than a performative unit

8. HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 4

Taking those heavy miles on and willing to invest in a pair that holds you in utmost stability? Hoka one Clifton 4 could be your perfect match.

These are hands down one of the best pairs of vegan running shoes in the market. The overall support offered by these vegan running shoes is par excellence.

If you regularly experience sore feet or pain due to intense cardiovascular activities, it can house your feet in guarded safety to resolve your troubles. These vegan running shoes provides greater ankle support and prevents accidental turns.

It can last longer with impeccable durability. The best part is, Hoka One One Clifton 4 shoe is padded in the right spots and is 100% free of animal derivatives.


  1. Supports high-intensity activities
  2. Vegan friendly
  3. Cushioned and well balanced
  4. Supports and stabilizes
  5. Comfortable and durable
  6. Supports weak ankles


  1. Expensive
  2. Does not give energy return like competitive models
  3. Reviewers find the supporting plastic piece at the bottom of the sole irritating

9. SKDOIUL Men Sport Athletic Vegan Running Shoes

Seeking casual wear for light sports and gymming activities? You need a little more support around the middle to hold your feet in place and help generate flexible motions.

But laced shoes are typically narrow which holds wide feet in uncomfortable tug! Moreover, sweating is unmanageable with affordable vegan shoes! Isn’t that overwhelming?

But Wait! Don’t worry- SKDOIUL Men Sport Athletic Vegan Running Shoes are the one-stop solution for all the aforementioned dilemmas. These are slip-on jogging vegan sneakers that easily accommodate wide feet for activities.

Besides being lightweight and flexible, these shoes are also well ventilated and absorbent to allow you a sweat-free experience.

The antimicrobial insole further ensures a  healthy foot environment. With perfect cushioning in the exactly right places, these vegan shoes facilitate multipurpose use.


  1. Slip-on, easy to wear, and open
  2. Extra support to the middle of the foot
  3. Bacterial ventilation
  4. Breathable, flexible, and comfortable
  5. Budget-friendly and vegan


  1. Not meant for high-intensity activities
  2. Not as durable as the heavy-duty running shoes

10. Muroexe Men’s Atom Vegan Sneaker-Boot

Looking for some classic high ankle vegan boots for men? Muroexe Men’s Atom Vegan Sneaker-Boot is more competitive than most!

Beside the in-vogue design and accentuated lacing front, these vegan boots for men are meant to elevate your fashion statement without compromising on the action. Theme it up with whatever you want and there you go- ready to catch attention!

Except that it reduces your dorsiflexion movement by a little margin, you can rest assured that it supports your ankle like none else. The technical lycra material lasts longer and delivers a lightweight experience.

The design comes to you all the way from Spain, enhancing the tone of your wardrobe choice by loads. This boot has 100% synthetic construction so put a green tick on vegan-friendliness.


  1. High-fashion look with comfort
  2. Suits all codes of dressing
  3. Lightweight
  4. Breathable and classic
  5. Assured vegan sneaker boots
  6. Water-resistant to light and medium rain
  7. Biomechanic and Ergonomic built


  1. Expensive than the regular budget
  2. Runs out of stock easily
  3. Does not support high-intensity workouts

Vegan Shoes Brands That You Can Consider

1. Altra

These breathable running shoes can provide impeccable comfort and cool-down through long runs. Most of them are vegan except the men’s casual shoes listing “leather” pretty clearly on the label.

2. Xero Shoes

They offer two dominant lines of pure vegan lines of shoes, namely, the Terraflex and Prio. Terraflex is designed to endure rugged trail runs, whereas, the lightweight Prio, is perfect for fitness training and running.

3. Lems Shoes

The Primal 2 shoe line offered by Lems Shoes is a purely vegan running shoes, meant to deliver improved efficacy. It is versatile enough to suit running and regular activities in your daily life.

4. Topo Athletic

This is a 100% vegan shoe brand that designs athletic shoes for running and low to high-intensity training. It provides the utmost comfort to cover long distances with ease and the least soreness.

5. Mizuno

Designing performance-oriented shoes, Mizuno has a wide range of running shoes that are certified vegan. The new Synchro MX by Mizuno is meant for perfect sync. You can impeccably stride longer with comfort.

6. On

These 100% vegan shoes have stemmed from a highly performative Swiss brand. You can run, jump or train as per your choice with these amazing shoes made for athletic adventure.

7. Newton

Newton provides shoes with technical four and five-lug soles. These vegan shoes are great for traversing rough terrain. Be it trekking, hiking, or regular running; you can crash into any outdoor plan without hesitating on your shoe’s torsion endurance.

8. Nike

Since 2015, Nike does feature some vegan-friendly options using vegan adhesives in their sneakers. Leather free Nike shoes are primarily believed to be vegan but do seek brand’s clarity when buying one.

9. Adidas

Adidas is not always vegan. While some use leather, others may employ non-vegan adhesives or test their products on animals. Some recent non-leather lines are vegan sensitive so you may expect improvements ahead.

10. Saucony

Saucony manufactures synthetic running shoes with the best cushioning and arch support. In its Everun, Kinvara, and Ride lines, there is an assured vegan sensitivity. The glue used in the lines beyond these could be non-vegan.


We hope the article was insightful and helped you frisk out the best vegan shoes and boots for men in the market. Remember, sustainability, and superior quality can co-exist in your choices if you make the smart move. The article was an in-depth discussion on how to customize and fine-tune those moves.

Now, you need not miss out on your favorite shoe experience for being kind to animals and the environment!

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