Vegin’ Out Review | A Vegan’s Take on the Meal Delivery Service

Vegin Out Vegan Meal delivery Review

Imagine a world where you didn’t have to worry about food? Sounds like Utopia, right? 

One of the biggest challenges of adulting is undoubtedly keeping yourself fed. All the times as a child, you vowed to yourself that you would have the time of your life when you finally grow up. Having pasta every day of the week was a child’s fantasy that is practically impossible.

For starters, having pasta every day isn’t healthy and more pressingly, making pasta is a lot more work this side of the counter than you had ever anticipated.

For those of us who barely have enough time to roll off the bed and get to work in time to avoid getting yelled at, making and eating healthy food, and having enough time and energy for hitting the gym is a plan for another day.

But let me help you with one part of it. Cue drumroll. Introduce Vegin’ Out, your new best friend. Especially, if you’re a vegan and into fitness or general well-being.

For vegan athletes or regular gym-goers, its is already quite a pain to simply make themselves a plant-based diet plan, let alone making their own macro-counted meals thrice a day! You totally saw the need for vegan meal delivery services, for a second, didn’t you?

About Vegin’ Out Meal Delivery

Vegin' Out Review | A Vegan's Take on the Meal Delivery Service

Let’s hold the drumroll for another minute. Vegin’ Out is the new happening thing in the world of vegan meal delivery services. A heaven-sent service that makes sure the harried half of the population doesn’t starve itself.

Vegin’ Out is essentially a vegan meal delivery service. These services essentially supply customers with pre-prepared meals on a chosen schedule. Meal delivery services like Vegin’ Out provide customers with selected dishes served regularly as per their dietary and nutritional preferences. It is a widely popular service that is a part of several people’s daily routines. 

Vegin’ Out provides nutritionally balanced full-course meals that include breakfast, lunch, and dinner besides snacks and fresh juices to their customers.

Going vegan is a tough choice. And unfortunately, on top of this hardship, the vegan-ites need to undergo the difficulty of getting meals that are one hundred percent vegan.

Vegin’ Out solves that for you by providing plant-based vegan meals that are curated to the customer’s needs and requirements.

How does Vegin’ Out Work?

Vegin’ Out has been on the scene since 2008, and they’ve put all their experience to really good use. A plant-based meal delivery system that offers full-fledged vegan meal schemes to its customers, Vegin’ Out is no short of orders. Unlike Thistle or meal delivery giants including Factor_, Freshly and Trifecta; Vegin’ Out only serves fully vegan meals.

They market their services as healthy, organic, low-fat, low sodium, oil-free, and cholesterol free. They can easily be spotted in all lists of meal delivery services for vegans.

With stellar vegetarian and vegan meal delivery programs, Vegin’ Out provides excellent breakfast, lunch, and dinner options that promises no inclusion of animal protein and artificial gook.

They’ve created a low-fat, low sodium and oil-free plan that is highly appreciated and in demand all seasons.

Vegin’ Out believes in serving its customers in the best possible way. The meals for the week are sent in securely packed containers. 

The best part is that the meals can be portioned out by the customers themselves, so if you feel like eating less one day and more, the other, you don’t have to answer to anyone.

Vegin’ Out offers nine different meal combos for their customers to choose from. The permutations and combinations are left up to the customer’s whims and needs.

Vegin’ Out Menu And Meal Options – An Overview

Vegin' Out Review | A Vegan's Take on the Meal Delivery Service

Vegin’ Out have thought out everything for you and me included. This Vegin’ Out meal delivery system has a rotary way of serving food. This essentially means that your meals are circulated every eight weeks, that is, two months. So, there can be no issues with a monotonous schedule.

Furthermore, tapping into all of our inner child, Vegin’ Out allows you to cancel any dish if you don’t like it, like an excessive amount of beets are not my cup of tea. And instead, include an extra entree or a side dish.

There are several meal schemes and flavors that keeps their customers hooked in. 

Their meal plans include: 

  • Single Weekly Vegetarian/Vegan Meal Order:
  • Double Weekly Vegetarian/Vegan Meal Orders:

Though Vegin’ Out is uber-famous for its vegan packages, not all of their meals are exclusively vegan. However, it can be guaranteed that all their meals are purely vegetarian.

The Vegin’ Out meal packages are assured to be delivered fresh and should be consumed in a week. They are capable of being frozen and thawed with minimal effort, making for a delicious meal.

The portions provided are satisfyingly large and provided along with a 24 ounce container. These are given alongside four vegan side dishes, a vegan soup, and five vegan cookies. So neat and precise! 

Vegin’ Out Meal Delivery Plans Review

Vegin' Out Review | A Vegan's Take on the Meal Delivery Service

Vegin’ Out has a wide customer range, catering to thousands of orders and helping hundreds stay on top of their game. 

For a company to last in the market, there ought to be several selling points. And Vegin’ Out checks all the boxes with their excellent meal schemes, stellar delivery, commendable customer service, and not to mention their mouth watering meals.

A menu that introduces new items ever-so-frequently, Vegin’ Out has a strict plant-based meal scheme that has hundreds coming back to their website over and over again. Case in point, yours truly.

As a regular customer or subscriber of Vegin’ Out, their chefs have fed my don’t-know-how-to-cook self for the past year and a half. 

With portion sizes that never disappoint, varieties that often leave you confused and hungry, Vegin’ Out is one of the best vegetarian food providing services.

It also caters to vegans with their bountiful choices that make even the average dish, an out-of-the-world eating experience.

Vegin’ Out allows the customer to choose between the single weekly vegetarian/vegan meal for one person or the double weekly vegetarian/vegan meal option for two.

With bold flavors inculcated in all of their dishes, Vegin’ Out doesn’t disappoint at all. Take it from me.

With information about the dish and ingredients provided to the subscriber, the Vegin’ Out menu consists of loads of dishes that I can’t tire of.

But my absolute favorite is their chimichurri tofu. This yummy dish is made using red wine vinegar and chili flake marinade, and can probably be ranked as one of the best things I’ve ever tasted.

Where does Vegin’ Out Deliver? 

This California based company doesn’t limit its presence to its homeland. Vegin’ Out goes all out and deliver to all the contiguous states of the USA.

Delivery is available north to Pacific Palisades, south to Palos Verdes, east to Pasadena, and The San Fernando Valley. Click Furthermore, they ship to all of Southern California including San Diego. These regions have free delivery.

However, for those not in this span of area, the shipping fees are included with the customer’s order and the meals will be delivered through FedEx.

The inhabitants of Los Angeles will receive their meals on Mondays. Customers in the rest of Southern California will receive their food on Tuesdays.

How Much Vegin’ Out Cost? 

Vegin’ Out is considered to be pretty reasonable when we discuss costing. Vegan meal delivery systems usually cost a bit more. However, Vegin’ Out offers a great meal scheme that caters to vegetarians and vegans in a highly effective and efficient manner. 

The weekly vegan plan of this company costs around $147.99. This is with respect to the people living in the Los Angeles area.

And for those of us located elsewhere, it is priced at $189.99. This could very well be quite expensive for a lot of people. I’d advise people that have cost as their major concern to rather opt for meal kit delivery services wherein you’re delivered fresh portions of ready-to-cook groceries and vegetables.

Sure does add some extra effort but saves a lot of bucks. Green chef, Sun basket and Purple Carrot happen to be some that I’ve tried before. I’ve compared my experiences with them in a dedicated post earlier. Check it out if you may want to explore their services too.

Upon subscription, the customers are awarded a ten percent discount on their orders that get featured a multiple number of times.

You can also add extra snacks, sweets, sauces, protein, juices, and more to your delivery at an additional cost.

Can You Customize Vegin’ Out Meals?

Yes. You can customize the meals provided at Vegin’ Out. However, there exist certain complaints that the availability is a little on the lacking side when compared to other similar service providers.

However, they do provide a wide variety of different dishes and recipes in their plans that keep their customers happy and loyal.

Does Vegin’out Provide gluten free options?

For most of the dishes that are loaded with gluten they do provide a gluten free option for that dish. For some dishes they are able to substitute the ingredient with a gluten free ingredient or else they skip that ingredient without hampering the taste of the meal. 

Verdict | Is Vegin’ Out Vegan Meal Delivery Worth it?

Vegin’ Out, unlike many other meal delivery services out there, is a fully plant-based company and doesn’t cook or deliver meat-based or animal-derived meals. However, despite looking like the perfect solution for strict vegans, it still might not go well with everyone.

For me personally, I’d rather prefer a more environmentally-friendly brand that’s more extensively prominent. Being a smaller player in the space comes with quite a few hurdles. Vegin’ Out deifinitely faces some of those in terms of meal variety, competitive costing and distribution range.

I would choose Thistle over Vegin’ Out for now, owing to multiple factors. Again, it comes down to personal preferences more than anything. The best way to figure if the service caters to your needs well is by trying them out.

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